Partner Up: Why Co-Branding Can Give Your Business The Boost It Needs

Co-branding: You see it everywhere from snack foods (Betty Crocker and Hershey’s) to restaurants (T.G.I. Friday’s and Jack Daniels) to retailers (Nike and Apple).

We happened to see it at the beach—on a custom beach blanket promoting T-Mobile, the wireless communications company, and Activision, the publisher of interactive entertainment software products.

custom beach towel

Companies from many sectors are finding that co-branding is an effective marketing strategy that can help them reach new markets and expand their business. Though it should be entered into wisely, co-branding can create new revenue streams and generate more brand awareness than if you promoted solo.

Think about it like this: Co-branding allows you to introduce your products and services to another company’s loyal customers. It lets you capitalize on another brand’s popularity in order to promote yourself.

Sounds like a pretty sweet marketing opportunity, right?

T-Mobile and Activision think so. They got it exactly right with their promotional giveaway featuring both companies’ logos. It’s an excellent way to cross-promote both brands and get their names in front of a shared core audience.

The great thing about co-branding is that it’s not just for behemoth national brands—it can be super-effective for small businesses, too.

The key is to consider the products or services that could increase the appeal of your offering. Think about the businesses that could complement yours and the companies that do an excellent job serving your target audience. These are the companies that have potential as a possible co-branding partner.

Have you thought about partnering up for a co-branding campaign? We say go for it—it can generate a whole new level of excitement for your company.

Promo know-how tip: Maximize your co-branding initiative by choosing promotional products designed for the appropriate demographic. Our promotions specialists can help you pick the products that will yield the biggest return on your investment.

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