Promo Products: What Every Great Social Media Campaign Needs

Before you kick off your next social media campaign, make sure you have promo products. People love free stuff, and they’ll gladly like, share, retweet, repost, comment – you name it – for a chance to win cool swag.

Here’s a great example of how promo products can generate enthusiasm and hype in social media.

Manny the Frenchie, the two-year-old French bulldog with more than half a million fans around the world, took to Instagram with some Wellness Pet Food promos.

promotional products

For fans to win a “Wellness Package,” a kit filled with goodies from the all-natural pet food brand, they had to repost a photo of the swag plus the message “I want a #WellnessPackage.” They also had to tag a friend in the comments.

Each package contained a promotional dog bowl, custom tumbler, a dog-food sample and a $10 coupon. Considering that Manny’s fans are likely fellow dog owners, these promos are spot on. They’re items that are relevant to the audience – goodies for dogs and a little something for their owners, too.

The promo products hit the sweet spot for the target audience, and there were a lot of other things done right with this promotion:

It’s simple.

Manny gets right to the point with how to win the free stuff – repost with the designated hashtag and tag a friend. Successful social media campaigns are ones that don’t require too much effort. You don’t want to bog down fans with lengthy participation requirements or confusing details.

It’s social.

Wellness is using a hashtag in its campaign – #WellnessPackage – making it easy to monitor and promote the campaign. It’s specific to this particular promotion, and it’s easy to remember and use. Unique hashtags like this are perfect for short-term promos. When people use them, your promotion gets extended reach – no matter the social channel.

It encourages sharing.

The goal with any social media campaign is to get it to go viral. The only way that can happen is when it gets shared. Manny is doing it right by making it a requirement to repost the photo and tag a friend. This skyrockets the exposure of the campaign by getting it in front of new audiences. Don’t be afraid to ask your fans and followers to share your post – but make sure it’s worthwhile for them to do so.

Social media campaigns – especially ones that incorporate promo products – can spread your brand like wildfire. As of this blog post, Manny’s Instagram promotion generated 717 likes and 42 comments. It’s fun engagement for Manny’s fans, and it’s excellent exposure for Wellness Pet Food.

Let’s hear from you: Have you ever used promo products in a social media giveaway? What was the response?

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