Promos Create Offline Awareness for Online Brand: flickr

How do you increase brand awareness outside the medium where your brand exists? Many years ago I worked on a consulting project for a cable television network seeking to do just that, and flickr is doing the same thing by giving away promotional buttons and stickers.

When you think about it, it makes a lot of sense. flickr is a brand that grew up online and has a devoted base of users. It’s more than just a photo hosting service, they have a community of users who promote flickr on web sites and blogs. By creating promotional products for their brand, flickr allows these evangelists to raise brand awareness offline. This valuable because the vast majority of blog readers and already know, and probably use, flickr.

Their users were more than ready to evangelize offline, flickr ran out of promos within a few weeks. If I were them, I would reorder.


Image from flickrBlog

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