Promotional Apparel Screams “Look At Me!”

custom apparelWhen you spot a logo on a custom t-shirt or promotional cap, what do you do? You look. You can’t help it—the advertising message is right in front of you. Promotional apparel can’t be ignored, making it an in-your-face way to get your name out there.

Here’s a perfect example. We spotted this guy wearing a custom t-shirt and promotional cap on the street in New York City. The company name, HiTouch Business Services, was the first thing we noticed. Not the promotional apparel’s lovely blue shade or classic fit, but the logo.

Plain and simple: Promotional apparel works. It draws eyeballs and captures attention, which is exactly the goal when promoting your business.

Promo know-how tip: Whenever your staff members interact with the public, they should be wearing your promotional apparel. It’s a missed opportunity if they’re not.

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