Promotional Items Help You Get Down To Business

Do your clients visit your office? If so, you should always be prepared with promotional items customized with your company name.

By having a selection of branded office products at the ready, you’re enhancing the client experience. No one wants to have to dig around a bag or desk drawer for an extra pen. If you keep a supply of office promotional items on hand, you’re always ready for a client meeting.

Gerstein Fisher, a New York City-based investment management firm, understands the value of having promotional items always ready for clients. Just look at this smart array of products featuring the firm’s name, logo and tagline.

promotional items

Here’s why we think it’s smart: The firm anticipated what clients might need during a visit, and met those needs with branded products.

There are custom notepads along with some nice promotional pens. Both are must-haves in a meeting. We also appreciated that the firm had promotional coasters on hand. It’s a simple, effective way to keep its name in front of clients and guests.

If your office is a meeting place for clients, take a cue from Gerstein Fisher and provide them with the promotional products they’ll need during their visit.

Promo know-how tip: Display office promotional items in individual offices as well as conference rooms. When your clients sit down to talk business—wherever that may be—they should be greeted with promotional products.

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