Promotional T-Shirts: The Ultimate Guerilla Marketing Tool

Guerilla marketing with promotional t-shirts is a powerful way to get people talking about your company. So what exactly is guerilla marketing? It’s a high-energy alternative to traditional forms of marketing, and it uses unconventional strategies to promote products and services.

Guerilla marketing is all about taking consumers by surprise, making an unforgettable impression and creating big buzz for your brand.

promotional t-shirt

Promotional t-shirts fit perfectly in a guerilla marketing campaign. In fact, they’re one of the oldest and most effective guerilla marketing tools for two reasons: They’re affordable and they’re highly visible. Even simply outfitting a dozen employees in custom t-shirts works—it’s like getting a dozen walking billboards for your company.

Take Smartfood Popcorn, for example. This company gets how to use promotional t-shirts for guerilla marketing. Last week, it sent friendly guerilla marketers into New York City’s Bryant Park to get out the flavor.

What were the marketers wearing? Promotional t-shirts. The white logo was immediately noticeable on black t-shirts as staffers approached New Yorkers with a message about their healthy snacks.

Smartfood Popcorn timed its guerilla marketing promotion perfectly, too—it sent its team out on a beautiful day during an after-work concert in the park by band Everest Cale.

Well done, Smartfood Popcorn. Your custom t-shirts and guerilla marketing campaign really hit the mark.

Promo know-how tip: You don’t need to outfit a fleet of people for promotional t-shirts to work their guerilla marketing magic. Even just a few promotional t-shirts can yield big results.

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