Snapshot Of A Great Community Event: Armonk Outdoor Art Show

A community event is a great way to generate local, targeted awareness for a championed cause. It brings people together in a fun, relaxed environment, and it allows the organizer to accomplish two main objectives: raise awareness and raise money.

One example of a community event done right is the Armonk Outdoor Art Show benefitting the North Castle Public Library. The 52nd annual show held last month included 185 juried artists and attracted approximately 8,000 visitors from the tri-state area.

The show is continually ranked as one of the top fine art and design shows in the New York metro area – and for good reason. The event featured guided tours, kid-friendly activities, great music and food, and even personal shoppers to help visitors select the art that best suits their taste.

Co-Chair Stacy Wilder says the show is always striving to make improvements. “We listen carefully to our visitors and artists, and take their comments to heart,” she says. “It’s important to evolve and keep things interesting.”

More than 200 volunteers came together for the event, working closely with the town’s merchants and municipal workers. The show is sponsored by the Friends of the North Castle Public Library, with net proceeds going to the town’s two libraries.

“Everyone is working toward the same goal and benefitting from the libraries’ facility upgrades, performances and programs,” says Wilder. “Synergy is the key.”

Wilder ensured volunteers were visible and stood out from the crowd by giving them promotional hats. Considering the timing of the show, the hats were welcome promotional items.

“Since the weather is always questionable at the end of September and our show is outside, the hats help keep the sun off our faces or hide a bad hair day when it’s humid,” Wilder says.

Promotional products were plentiful at the Armonk Outdoor Art Show Road Race, a 5K run/walk that was held the weekend before the art show and drew 450 participants across three races.

Sponsors doled out a variety of custom logo merchandise to get their name out there – from water bottles and stress balls to rulers and awareness bracelets. 5K participants received promotional t-shirts printed with sponsors’ logos on the back.

The Armonk Outdoor Art Show and 5K run/walk are examples of impressive community events. They brought community members of all ages together for a weekend of art and activities, and they allowed sponsors to bond with current customers and meet new ones.

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The Armonk Outdoor Art Show Road Race brought together community members of all ages


Note the consistent branding here: black table cover, bags and t-shirt


Awareness bracelets were a popular giveaway at the Road Race


We love the attractive presentation of promo stress balls in a wire basket


Promotional water bottles are always great giveaways at a 5K


Sponsors got exposure on the marathon must-have: promotional t-shirts


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