SoulCycle’s Got Style – Just Look At Its Promotional Merchandise

Want to see expert use of marketing with promotional merchandise? Check out SoulCycle’s latest hat creation.

SoulCycle, the rapidly growing cycling studio with a cult-like and celebrity following (Lady Gaga and Katie Holmes are die-hard fans), is flexing its PR and brand-building muscle with gorgeous, on-trend branded merchandise.

Started in 2006, SoulCycle now has 60 locations including New York, L.A., D.C., Greenwich, CT, and San Francisco in the U.S., and even as far as Dubai in the UAE.

custom baseball cap

While many buyers of promotional merchandise can do very well impressing their customers with standard merchandise embroidered with their logo, SoulCycle takes merchandise to another level – high fashion. (In this case for $48.) This is pure marketing nirvana.

Check out this creative hat I spotted while on, of all places, a whale-watching boat off the coast of Dana Point, California.

Here, SoulCycle creates a trendy hat that is a play on trucker/mesh-back caps – but with a fashion-forward makeover, from neon thread to a distressed look. The bright colors of the logo immediately caught my attention. It’s the perfect accessory for SoulCycle’s customers.

This is the kind of product that extends the brand as people can wear this hat to and from cycling classes and beyond. Hats are one of the easiest products to customize. The right hat can be worn over and over, whereas the wrong hat can just be a waste of marketing dollars.

People are proud of being SoulCyclers. They want to flaunt it. It’s becoming a lifestyle brand, and as such, clothing is a perfect brand extension. Like Lululemon, which became a billion-dollar company while changing how people dress, SoulCycle joins right in on the workout-clothes-are-everyday-clothes trend.

As we do with SoulCycle (some of its products are from ePromos), our Brand Consultants love helping our clients explore the possibility of extending their brand with custom branded apparel, hats and accessories. Many clients can create a small line of merchandise like you see in the mini gift shops at restaurants and coffee bars. Every business owes it to itself to see how to maximize the potential of the brand just like our friends at SoulCycle.


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