Soup with a Side of Promotion

This is a photo of my lunch after I ate it. There’s a new SoupMan franchise near my office, and I have to say, the chowder was pretty good. While I was eating, I found myself reading the reviews and information on how to open my own SoupMan franchise, which was imprinted on the napkin. The custom chocolate also made the price of the soup seem a tad more reasonable.

The bottom line? For the SoupMan, imprinting these items accomplishes several goals. First, it increases brand awareness and differentiates SoupMan from his less famous competition. Second, it shows a higher level of professionalism, which people tend to expect when they’re paying a premium for anything. Third, it’s an opportunity to promote their franchising business to the people who are most likely to be interested (i.e., people who like the soup). Best of all, it’s almost free because they would have had to buy napkins and bowls anyway.


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