Spotted At The Sony Open: Awesome MasterCard Swag

The tennis and the swag rock at the Sony Open—especially if you’re a MasterCard Elite cardholder. MasterCard, which promises that “a world of possibilities awaits” its Elite cardholders, followed through on its word by handing out some amazing swag bags at the Sony Open.

MasterCard turned the event into a memorable, exciting experience by treating cardholders to some fantastic promotional items. Let’s take a peek at all the promotional goodness.

promotional products

Cardholders received a promotional hand fan to ever so elegantly cool off in the stands, a custom tumbler to fill with something icy, custom binoculars to watch the tennis action up close and a promotional mousepad to bring a piece of the scenery back to the office. The promo items are smartly packed in a promotional bag.

When it comes to delivering some great perks for cardholders, MasterCard was right on target with these gift bags. The gifts help enhance the Sony Open experience and reinforce that when you’ve got a MasterCard Elite card in your wallet, something special is around every corner.

Promo know-how tip:

Create a swag bag for your customers to make them feel like VIPs. Talk to our Brand Consultants for some creative ideas.

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