Promotional Giveaways With Style Keep Your Message Around Longer

People love to get free stuff—especially when it has a stylish feel to it. When you add your logo to promotional giveaways that are modern and trendy, you’re upping the chances that your customers will actually keep them and use them.

When your giveaways get used, your logo gets seen. It’s that simple.

custom tote bag

Here’s an example of a company that’s doing it right. Random Farms, a non-profit, all-kids theater company in New York, selected these casual-chic promotional totes. The frayed details at the top and along the seams are right on trend with what you’d see in retail.

Also, note the thick strap (it’s perfect for flinging over a shoulder) and the fresh pink shade (a smart color for a target audience of young girls). This promotional bag has a worn-in, trendy appeal to it. It’s no wonder we spotted it at a beach 100 miles away—the recipient found it useful and attractive.

We also love how the logo is big and bold on the bag. Custom tote bags, much like custom t-shirts, are designed to be walking billboards for your company. Random Farms does an excellent job showcasing its logo on the bag’s ample imprint area.

When it comes to promotional giveaways, style matters. A stylish gift has a higher probability of getting used, so always opt for products with panache.

Promo know-how tip: It’s better to spend more on stylish items and get a better return on investment than spend less and have your promotion fall flat.

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