The Secret To Great-Looking Custom Hoodies

custom hoodie

We’ve been seeing custom hoodies everywhere now that the weather has cooled off. They’re easily one of the best apparel items for the winter season – when they’re done right.

Here’s a promo know-how tip when it comes to imprinting hoodies: Start the imprint from the bottom so the hood doesn’t get in the way.

The last thing you want is for the top half of your logo to be hidden by the hood. The best way to keep your logo in full view – whether the wearer has the hood pulled up or not – is to keep your imprint low by starting from the bottom and working your way up.

Here’s a great example. We spotted this custom hoodie commemorating a Bar Mitzvah. Check out the date and the initials (probably the initials of the Bar Mitzvah boy himself). Now notice the placement of the imprint. See how low it is? And see how the hoodie isn’t covering up any of it?

This is the secret to custom hoodies: Keep the imprint low to get the whole thing seen.

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