Uber Brings Swag And Sweets To The Streets Of NYC

Last Friday, Uber served up some great swag with the ice cream it dished out to Manhattanites and Brooklynites. While we love a good rocket pop as much as the next guy, the promo products were our favorite part of this awesome promotional event.

Uber, a company that lets customers use a smartphone app to summon a taxi, car or high-end sedan to shuttle them around the city, put a sweet spin on the usual for one magical day. It let people beckon an ice cream truck full of frozen treats and perfect-for-summer promotional products: neon tank tops and sunglasses.

promotional products

The trucks appeared curbside for customers who ordered six ice creams for $30. On one of the hottest days of the year, it was indeed sweet relief. Ice cream and freebies on a Friday? Brilliant.

Those who were lucky enough to snag the cold treats (supply was limited) now have some cool Uber swag. You can’t miss the neon hues of the promo tank tops and custom sunglasses. Uber was smart to send a fleet of ice-cream-loving customers into the city wearing its branded apparel and accessories. It’s great marketing for the company, and who doesn’t love cool shades and an airy tank top in the summer? Sun’s out, guns out.

The on-demand ice cream trucks won’t be a permanent sight on the streets of NYC, but something else will: Uber’s sweet, sweet swag.

Promo know-how tip:

Think seasonal with your promotional giveaways. Uber hit the mark with its tank tops and sunglasses in the middle of summer – let our Brand Consultants help you find great season-specific promos for your marketing.

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