Auburn BCS Championship Swag

I’ve always been impressed by how quickly a championship-winning sports team gets their hands on customized apparel. It seems that just a few seconds after the win goes into the books, every player on the team has a promotional hat, a custom shirt, and an imprinted towel!

Last night’s BCS championship game was no exception. And why shouldn’t apparel retailers rush to smother players with custom gear? The winners get plenty of air time in post-game footage and interviews, and that’s a quality marketing opportunity. Fans see the newest apparel, and before you know it there’s a line out the door!

I’m not exaggerating either. Here’s a picture from’s Twitter account which shows the boxed Auburn schwag before the win:

promotional sports apparel

…and those same boxes a few minutes later as a line of hungry fans commemorate the win with apparel of their own:

customized sports apparel

Congratulations to Auburn!

custom sports gear

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