Bear Market: After Hours Trading, Part 2

I just couldn’t bring myself to do it all in one post, so after hours trading continues with more great promos from Bear Stearns. This time, we’ll start with a model sportscar, which must be one of the best promos of the 80s.

bear stearns model car

Awesome model sportscar goes great with bright yellow logo polo shirt:bear stearns yellow poloWhich in turn was made for orange jacket, which is apparently for Bear Stearns members only:bear stearns orange jacketOf course, along with the outfit you’ll need golf balls:bear stearns golf ballA golf shoe bag:bear-stearns golf shoe bagAnd a vented umbrella, and you’re ready to play a round:bear stearns vented umbrellaThen you can go home, change into your sweats:bear stearns futures sweatsAnd throw the ball around with the kids:bear stearns nerf footballJust don’t forget your sunblock:bear stearns sunblock

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