Makeover for Manchester United?

Now that US taxpayers are the official jersey sponsors for the Manchester United Football Club, I think it’s time we made some changes. After all, if we can’t be world’s biggest economic and political power anymore, at least we can control the shirts of the world’s most popular sports team. For starters, I think we need some stars and stripes, a bald eagle and maybe Steven Colbert’s face. It also should say SOCCER in big letters. They’re our jerseys, and that’s what we call it. aig-manchester united

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  1. Don’t worry I think the US will bounce back, but it is a sign of the times with the global economy we have now that issues in one country can have such an impact in another.Regarding Manchester United let’s hope they too can bounce back from a poor start to the season and any issues AIG has does not impact on what is such a wonder football (sorry soccer) club.

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