Olympic History: Los Angeles 1984

olympics-la-84 eagleAfter boycotting in 1980, the US hosted the Summer Olympics in 1984. Sparing no possible patriotic touches, we used a Bald Eagle as a mascot and named him Sam. Meanwhile, the Soviet Union and Eastern Bloc countries had their own Friendship Games. While there are loads of great promos from the 1984 games, my favorite two are after the jump.

You know when someone’s being sarcastic and they say, “It’s 1984 calling. They want their wardrobe back.” This is the phone 1984 calls from:olympics la 84 telephoneRemember when companies would give out promotional trays? Coca cola did many of them. This is perfect if you’re picking up some McDonald’s for the family on they way home and need a classy way to serve it.olympics la 1984 tray

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  1. John

    wow these images brings back alot. never knew u still had these stuff