Sports Illustrated Celebrates Top Baseball Promos

Professional sports in general have been avid users of promotional products to promote fan loyalty and game attendance, but baseball has probably done it best through the years. John Rolfe at Sports Illustrated recounts some of his favorites:

Baseball history is loaded with inspired promotional events — from Cleveland’s infamous Nickel Beer Night in 1974 to my personal favorite: the annual Jay Buhner Buzz-cut Night in Seattle during the ’90s. Bald fans, or those who agreed to have their noggins shaved — sometimes by the beloved chrome-domed outfielder himself — got in free and were awarded a crisp “Take me out to the Bald Game” or “Bald is Buhnerful” T-shirt.

On August 10th, lucky Minnesota Twins fans received John Mauer sideburns as a special promotion. Which, of course, mostly reminds me about how Don Mattingly got kicked off Mr. Burns’ softball team for his sideburns.

mauer sideburns

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