Swag Bags: A Perk At Every Bowl Game

swag bags for college bowl games

Every college bowl game comes with bowl bounty. You know, swag bags packed with gifts. Really, really awesome gifts.

This year’s swag bags include promotional gifts ranging from sporty sunglasses and sophisticated watches to flat-screen TVs and shopping sprees. There are even top-tier hair dryers in some of the gift bags. Hey, football players care about their tresses, too.

Actually, the trend now is for players to shop for others—specifically the ladies in their life, whether it’s a mom or a girlfriend. It’s kind of like a re-gifting of the swag bags.

And what a great bag it is. The NCAA permits each bowl to give 125 players per school up to $550 worth of gifts. Players can also receive awards worth up to $400 from the school and up to $400 from the conference for postseason play.

So, what are the hottest gifts in the swag bags this bowl season? Fossil watches (given in 19 games), shopping trips (given in 16 games) and Oakley products (given in eight games). Sports Business Journal details what’s inside the swag bags for all 35 bowl games.

We don’t know who will win the rest of the games, but we do know one thing: Players will go home with some pretty nice merch.

Promo know-how tip:

The 35-game, 70-team, month-long mini season is a great time to have some fun with your customers. Create a swag bag for your business with promotional products, special offers and discounts. Our Promotions Specialists can help you put one together! 

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