World Cup Apparel: Weighted Brazillian Shirt

custom soccer apparelCheck out this creative guerrilla campaign from Centauro, the largest sporting goods retail chain in Brazil. To boost sales of team Brazil’s iconic yellow football jersey during the World Cup, the store created an apparel promotion based on “the weight of the shirt” – a phrase used by many Brazilians to express the celebrated history of the team and its 5 world championship victories.

For this campaign, Centauro sourced custom clothes hangers with a special 2 kg (4.5 lbs) weight attached to them. When customers picked up the jersey on the hanger, they were surprised to find that “the weight of the shirt” was no longer just a catchphrase! Centauro ran this promotion in 120 stores and reported a 15% increase in sales of custom sports apparel during the 2-week campaign.


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