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Research Says These are the Best Promotional Giveaway Items

We’ve all received promotional products—pens, magnets, branded calendars. But as we travel deeper into the digital world with marketing and advertising following suit, these simple but useful giveaways are being forgotten by marketers. Research still supports that promotional giveaways are an effective way to entice and engage customers. Not convinced? The New York Times spoke to a professor of psychology and advertising, who explained that humans are wired to respond when given something. It’s just part of our cultural make-up and norms—we’re trained to reciprocate when given something. What does that mean for your company? When you give something to a customer, you’re increasing the likelihood of getting something in response, like signing up for your mailing list, or even purchasing a product you’re selling.People Happy After Receiving A Gift

This 2016 study does an amazing job outlining some of the most popular giveaways by asking U.S. consumers which products they currently owned, broken down by gender, location and more. Highlighted promotional products included writing instruments, which are owned by 50% of U.S. consumers, and drinkware, which are owned by 53%! Below, we dive into the research to give you the 5 best promotional items to consider for your next giveaway.

1. USB Flash Drives

45% of U.S. Consumers own a promotional USB drive. Even more impressive? A whopping 91% of users say that they keep them because of their usefulness in their daily lives. For a brand looking to make an impact, what more could you really ask for in a promotional product? The dream is that potential customers keep your giveaway around long enough to not only leave an impression on them, but perhaps those around them. With that in mind, think about the utility of a USB—it’s a great way to transfer digital information. So, while some folks will use it as their personal backup, others will use it to hand off information to someone else, like a colleague or friend, thereby transferring knowledge of your brand forward. USB drives are a perfect item for a corporate-oriented giveaway, including conferences and job fairs.

2. Drinkware

Drinkware includes a variety of potential items, like mugs (great for keeping on an office desk), or to-go tumblers (perfect for traveling business folks and busy parents alike). ASI’s 2016 study found that half of U.S. owners of branded drinkware use it several times every week. That is a ton of opportunity for them to not only use the product, but have your brand become ingrained in memory. If you opt for drinkware are your promotional item, quality should be an important consideration. As the research above points out, people will keep their drinkware around for a while In fact, According to a study by the British Promotional Merchandise Association, 87% of participants who received a free promotional product kept it for over a year, Drinkware is a perfect item to give away when promoting a food or drink product, as well as at sporting (water bottles) or business events (everyone needs a good office mug).

3. T-shirtsT-Shirts Are Loved By Everyone

Ah, the almighty branded t-shirt, owned and loved by 58% of the U.S. population. In fact, every age group studied clocked in at over half (56%-60%) owning logoed t-shirts. Having your brand on a t-shirt is a great way to start conversations, get noticed and make some noise. As promotional giveaways, t-shirts are versatile and work at almost any event you’d like to commemorate including festivals, tech conferences, and more.

4. Bags

In the U.S., branded bags create the most impressions of all promotional products. There are a few reasons to explain this. Unlike a mug or pen, bags are used when out and about to carry items in high-trafficked places. This gives them a fantastic opportunity to be seen, which serves to expand your brand reach. For this reason, it’s especially worth investing in a catchy design and easily recognizable logo to make sure your bag stands out when in a crowd. As for when to hand them out, they work great at conferences and trade shows (perfect option for attendees to carry all the other items they collect while traveling from booth to booth).

5. Lip Balm

Our Full Color Lip Balm Tub - 100 piecesIn the bottom of every purse lays a lip balm—or commonly, a handful of them. The popularity of this simple beauty product has surged over the past few years. In fact, a Marie Claire survey found that half of their readers considered lip balm an essential office item, and the number two item they’d pick for a desert island. That’s some serious lip balm love—making it a perfect promotional product. Like a USB drive, lip balm is small—easily fitting in a pocket or handbag, its unisex, and it’s a $660 million industry. Lip balm is a perfect giveaway item for a convention, as planes are known to cause dry skin for travelers.

When you invest in promotional products, you want to be sure it’s going to be a success with consumers. By choosing one of the best promotional giveaway items listed in this piece, you can feel confident you’ll not only entice potential customers but have a wider reach by using some of the most popular items available. As discussed, each of these products has real staying power, creating value for both the consumer and your brand. And, circling back to the top, offering useful and helpful products to prospective customers means a higher chance for positive brand engagement.


How to Design Your Own Shopping Bags with ePromos

Branded gift and paper shopping bags are an effective and cost-efficient strategy to spread brand awareness. For starts, they’re practical in a way that a billboard or online advertisement can’t be yet achieve the same marketing goals – impressions – on a more personal scale.

A custom shopping bag also has surprisingly long-lasting power, as most customers will reuse a quality bag a few times. This only serves to further your reach. With an attractive, eye-catching logo or design, it’ll be used until it’s practically falling apart.

Many Shopping Bags Options To DesignCustomized shopping bags are a natural fit for a retail store, but they certainly have use beyond traditional brick and mortars. Professional trade shows and conventions, holiday parties, and other events where you’ll be handing out gifts are all occasions to increase your brand reach by using a customized shopping bag. Unlike whatever freebies you’ll be passing out, a shopping bag stays in view for passersby to see.

With over 20 years of service under our belt, ePromos is one of the top promotional product distributors in the world. Our credence is 110% satisfaction for every customer we partner with, from concept through product delivery.

Below, we’ll walk you through the process of designing a gift or paper bag with us online. Then we’ll give you a refresher on all the specialty services we offer for companies, organizations and nonprofits of all sizes and industries.

How-To Design Your Custom Shopping Bag

Step 1: Browse our selection of gift and paper shopping bags, right from the comfort of your office. No catalogs to sift through or phone calls to make (unless, of course, you’re into that). All 85 choices, from translucent frosted bags to glossy laminate finishes, are at your disposal as soon as you click on the link.

ePromos Shopping Bags Page

NOTE: We offer free samples for all gift bags. Once you decide which bag you like, request a free sample. We’ll even let you choose which color you’d it to come in. The bag will be imprinted with artwork selected at random, to give you an idea of how a logo/branding looks on it. We’ll ship it out to you right away, so you can see the product in person – we know you won’t be disappointed.

Step 2: Select a color. Some of our bags, such as the brown recycled kraft promotional bag, are only available in a single color, so no selection will need to be made. We recommend choosing one based on your artwork or messaging, as well as your brand personality.

ePromos Buying Process - Choosing a Color

Step 3: Select a quantity. Keep in mind, the more you order, the greater your savings will be per bag. When you enter the quantity needed, pricing will automatically adjust! Right on the product page you can see 1.) How much you’re paying per bag, 2.) The discount received, and 3.) The total cost for your order – all in an instant.

ePromos Buying Process - Selecting Quantity

Step 4: Now comes the fun part: customization! At this step, you’ll be taken to a new window to choose ink colors, fonts, and any other visuals you’d like included. You can choose to add text, an image or both. You can type right into our text box and change the font, make it bigger, bold it, italicize it. All can be reviewed online in seconds flat.

ePromos Buying Process: Adding Artwork

For customers that prefer us to create a design or other artwork, there is also the option to click “Let us do it for you!” at this step. You can click on “Contact me” and continue to check out, and our design artists will get to work creating your dream branding.

Whichever option you choose at this step, you will have the option to send us “Special Instructions” where you can tell us anything you’d like to help us bring your vision to life.

If you experience any trouble with this step, you always have the option to click “Contact Me”. This allows you to finish checking out, and then connect with one of our design artists to discuss the best way to hand off your text and image for customization. Whether you choose to upload your text and image during Step 4 or ask to be contacted, you’ll receive an eProof mock up in 1-2 business hours for your review. We will never produce anything without your explicit approval of design.

Should you experience any confusion, please don’t hesitate to call or “Chat Now” with us. We have product specialists on standby to help sort out any issues you may face while placing your order.

Step 5: Click “Add to Cart”. At this step, you can review your order to ensure everything is correct. To make any changes, click “Update Customization” to go back to Step 4. When everything looks good, enter your zip code for an estimate of delivery date and shipping fees. You’ll have several options, from UPS Ground to Next Day Air Early.

If you need to rush your order, we can work with you to get it out the door as soon as possible. Please note, rush items may have limited availability in color options, but we’ll do our best to get you exactly what you want.

ePromos Checkout: Add to Cart

Step 6: Click “Proceed to Checkout”. Here, you’ll enter your shipping information and choose your shipping method. You’ll also have the opportunity to create an account at ePromos, which gives you $50 off your 1st order! Here you may also choose to use your own UPS account or request a “guaranteed delivery by” date. Once completed, you’ll be given an estimated delivery date as well as the total shipping charges. If you’re happy with those, click “Save and Continue”.

ePromos Order Process: Selecting Shipping

Step 7: Next, you’ll be prompted to either sign in or check out as a guest, and then add in your billing, shipping and payment information. Options here include using a credit card, purchase order, money check, or wire. You can also opt to “Save and Pay Later”. After filling out your preferred payment form, click “Save and Continue”.

ePromos Checkout Process - Credit Card

Step 8: It’s time to review your order! You’ll want to pay extra attention that all information you’ve entered is correct, from bag style and quantity to shipping address and delivery. If anything is amiss, simply click “edit” to re-enter any information requiring updating. If everything is correct, click “Save”.


Step 9: This is your order confirmation page! You’ll be given an order number. A Brand Consultant will be in touch with you shortly to discuss next steps, as well as email you an eProof of your order to approve. Remember, we won’t begin producing your custom bags until you approve the eProof we send you.

ePromos Confirmation Page

Collaborating with ePromos Specialists

When you choose ePromos to produce your custom shopping bags, you’re not just ordering with us – you’re working alongside us (but don’t worry, we’ll do all the heavy lifting). We make every effort to ensure we’ve captured your vision. There are several ways to collaborate with our team, who is eager to get to work on your customized goods!

Logo Design – If your branding is still a work in progress, we can help to complete it! Our team of talented graphic designers will whip up 5 unique designs and 2 revisions for only $300 with any order. We’ll incorporate any ideas or special requests you might have into the design, too. If this is the route you’d like to go, when placing an order, simply click “Let us do it for you!”. Our team will contact you in 1-2 hours to get started on your brand-new custom design.

Artwork Services – Not in love with your current design? Let our graphic artists create a new one for you or polish up your existing material. We can work from rough sketches, a simple description, or through a quick conversation. Bonus: we offer free simple typesetting of your name and message.

Promotional Product Rush¬ – Need your order now? We know you’re probably freaking out, but we’ve got good news. We have over 4,000 products that can be shipped out in 1 business day, and shipping methods as early as Next Day Air Early. You’ll be paired with a Promotions Specialist who will handle all the logistics of getting your order out the door ASAP – and accurately!

Business Gift Packaging – Packaging can be a logistical nightmare for businesses, which is why we’re happy to provide it for our customers. Whether you need special embellishments or additional assembly, we can make it happen. We’re custom experts – let us take care of it for you!

Online Company Stores – Selling your own branded gear and apparel is a huge feat… and a lot of work. Let us shoulder the work by running your virtual store and supplying your custom products. We’ll take care of everything from inventory management to shipping, both which save you warehouse space and man-hours. You’ll receive regular up-to-date sales and inventory reports that outline what’s selling, and when it’s time to reorder. To get your online store started, send us an email at storeteam@epromos.com.

Custom Merchandise – Need something you can’t find anywhere else? We’ve got you covered. We can work with overseas resources to get your hands on products no one else has. This is a fantastic way to make sure your promotional products stands out against the competition. All you need to do is shoot us an email to get started, at specialaccounts@epromos.com.

Your ePromos custom shopping bags (and any of our products!) are designed to your every specification. We work hard to ensure every customer is a happy customer. We look forward to taking your shopping bags to the next level with our custom branding process. Start browsing our selection of paper gift bags or plastic gift bags today!


We Love How California Pizza Kitchen Is Using Custom Tote Bags

We’ve shared some great uses for custom tote bags, and here’s another one: use them as fundraising tools.

That’s exactly what California Pizza Kitchen (CPK) is doing. The famed pizza restaurant with more than 250 locations in more than 30 states and 11 countries is selling tote bags imprinted with its logo – and it’s all in the name of charity. Customers can purchase one for a buck, and CPK will donate 50 cents to Make-A-Wish Foundation, the premier wish-granting organization for children.

use promotional tote bags as fundraising tools

The fundraiser lasts all year, and CPK has committed to donating up to $100,000.

This isn’t the company’s first philanthropic endeavor – it has donated more than $1 million through its CPK Foundation, FUNdraisers, and in-kind donations.

CPK’s CEO, G.J. Hart says: “We are committed to giving back to the communities we service. Promoting positive change has inspired California Pizza Kitchen from the beginning. It is our hope that we can promote acts of kindness and inspire others to pay it forward by continuing to do good in the communities they live in, always striving to make it a little better.”

Promos For A Good Cause

Feeling inspired for your business to give back in some way? Put promotional products to work for a charitable purpose. Custom tote bags are great for CPK because they fill an immediate need for customers – they’re the perfect size for shimmying in some takeout pizza boxes.

And because they’re priced at $1 a piece, it’s easy for customers to grab one to go, and maybe a couple more to take home or give to friends.

With an increasing number of plastic bag bans going into effect around the country, people have a need for reusable tote bags now more than ever.

Think about imprinting your logo on tote bags and turning them into fundraisers for a charity that’s important to your business. CPK’s fundraiser is a great example of how a simple promotional product can do some serious good for a brand and a charitable organization. CPK gains exposure and goodwill, and Make-A-Wish benefits from the funds.

Has your business ever used promotional items to raise money for an organization or cause?


See How DC Thrifty Mom Promotes With Custom Bags (And Learn How You Can, Too!)

elevate your event with custom tote bags from ePromos

Custom bags: You see them everywhere. They’re one of those perpetually useful promotional items that can spread the word about any brand.

And at an average of nearly 6,000 impressions (more than any other promotional product, according to the Advertising Specialty Institute), promo bags get marketers some seriously impressive exposure.

For our client, Nicole, aka DC Thrifty Mom, the extraordinary brand exposure at an affordable price point made custom logo bags an ideal giveaway to promote her blog, DCThriftyMom.com.

Blog Promotion In The Bag

Nicole created the blog, which is geared toward families in the DC Metro area, last year. “I started the blog to offer a free resource to my community by highlighting free, cheap and discount happenings,” she says.

Nicole aka DC Thrifty Mom

Meet Nicole, the creator and owner of DCThriftyMom.com.

The blog attracted about 1,200 frugal-minded followers within the first six months, and today generates an average of 20,000 views per month.

Did Nicole ever dream the blog would take off the way it did?

“No,” she says, “but my Thrifty Friends (my blog followers), always tell me: ‘Who doesn’t love free and cheap?’”

As the first anniversary of DCThriftyMom.com approached, Nicole wanted to give her audience something she knew they’d appreciate: a family-friendly event and useful freebies.

“I noticed it was customary for bloggers to celebrate their blog’s anniversary,” she says. “I wanted to acknowledge the occasion by offering the type of event I highlight [on my blog].”


And so the 1st Blogiversary Celebration was born.

The family-friendly bash, held at the National Children’s Museum (NCM), an interactive children’s museum in the DC area, featured local businesses, organizations, performances, interactive exhibits, and, perhaps most appealing to the 1,000+ attendees, promo bags filled with free stuff.

Why Promotional Bags?

Go to almost any event – tradeshow, conference, festival – and there will likely be swag bags filled with goodies. The 1st Blogiversary Celebration was no different.

Nicole contacted ePromos to order promotional tote bags to distribute during the event. In classic black with a white imprint, the bags were bold, eye-catching promotional giveaways that helped spread the word about DCThriftyMom.com and the blog’s sponsors.

Nicole selected these particular bags for a number of reasons: they’re reusable with a large, double-sided imprint space, they have reinforced handles with a sturdy bottom, and they were priced to fit her budget (many totes are priced under a buck a piece).

promotional bag

Promotional bags were perfect for attendees to sling over their shoulder and enjoy the event.

There’s another reason Nicole chose to hand out custom bags: Plastic bags are taxed in the DC area.

“If you go to the grocery store and don’t have your own bag, you get taxed five cents per plastic bag,” she says. “Reusable bags are the thing here, and I knew they’d be useful for moms in our area.” (Here’s a list of all the cities with plastic bag bans in the U.S.)

Of course the custom bags weren’t handed out empty. Inside were all kinds of freebies geared toward budget-minded families: discount sporting tickets from the Washington Nationals, free foreign language classes for kids, information from various mom support groups, and other giveaways.

Nicole says there’s no doubt the 400 custom bags distributed at the event were well-received by attendees. “Everyone was excited to receive a bag,” she says. “The quality and attractiveness made them sought-after items.”

Like anyone promoting with bags, Nicole is always thrilled when she sees her custom bags out in the community. “I definitely feel like they’re accomplishing their purpose,” she says, “especially when I see them being used at the grocery store.”

How Bags Can Work For Your Brand

The great thing about custom bags is that they’re effective for bloggers and mega-brands alike. It doesn’t matter the size of your business or what you’re promoting – bags keep your logo visible and get your brand exposure time and time again. In fact, studies show bags get used an average of nine times per month.

Here’s a quick tip list on how to use custom logo bags in a promotion:

Consider your audience.

What type of bag is most appealing to your target market? Are they, like DCThriftyMom.com’s readers, busy moms who need a way to transport groceries? Are they college students who could use a great backpack? Business travelers who could benefit from a checkpoint-friendly laptop bag? The most important factor when deciding on promotional bags is determining who will be receiving them.

promote your brand with custom bags from ePromos
Define your purpose for handing out bags.

Why are you giving bags in the first place? Are they swag bags on which you want your logo to be bold and noticeable? Are they client gifts where perhaps a more subtle logo is a better choice? Think about your objective when using the bags. Do you want to get your name out to the masses? Provide a luxe gift for loyal customers? Clarifying your purpose is another key element when using bags.

Know what’s going inside the bags.

Custom bags are designed to tote stuff around, and it’s important to consider the size and weight of what may be placed inside. If you’re using custom bags in place of single-use bags at your business, for instance, you’d want to opt for a bag sturdy enough and sized right to carry contents. Here are a couple examples: See how bags were used in a retail setting, and see why tote bags are great for takeout.

The key to using custom bags is selecting the right bag for your audience and purpose. You want recipients to appreciate receiving the bag and actually get to use it. In the case of our client, DCThriftyMom.com, tote bags turned into swag bags fit perfectly with the blog, the event, and the audience.

Want more on how to use bags in a promotion? Check out our Slideshare on what you need to know about custom tote bags.

Let’s hear from you: Have you promoted your business with custom bags? Tell us about the promotion in the comments!

Photo credit: Bright Life Photography


Two Great Uses For Custom Tote Bags

Custom tote bags are promotional items that get your message a ton of mileage. They have a huge imprint space, and they get thousands of impressions – almost 9,000 for the average bag.

Our client, Flute Pro Shop, a Delaware-based, full-service flute specialty shop, is successfully using custom tote bags in two ways:

  1. Tradeshow giveaways
  2. Shopping bags

The shop fills the bags with a custom pen and a CD featuring the owner of the boutique, flutist Joan Sparks, and hands them out at tradeshows throughout the year. More than 1,000 custom tote bags have been given to flutists from around the globe, getting Flute Pro Shop worldwide exposure.

custom bag

“The bags are a great way of promoting our business,” says Kristen Lober, Marketing Manager. “They are something that both we and our customers can get great use out of, and they look fabulous.”

The shop also uses the promo tote bags in place of disposable bags for customers. “We give them to customers who come into the shop to purchase a flute or get repairs done by our repair specialist,” she says. “Everyone loves them. They are particularly fond of the metallic gold that’s incorporated into our logo.”

Flute Pro Shop is smart to use the bags for what they’re designed to do – hold stuff. Rather than hand out empty tote bags at conventions, the shop includes some nice extras inside. Everybody can use a new pen, and the CD humanizes the Flute Pro Shop brand. Recipients can enjoy harmonies right from the shop’s owner.

We also love how the shop uses the bags as shopping bags. There’s a huge difference between receiving a brand-new or just-repaired flute in a custom tote bag instead of a disposable bag. It instantly elevates the experience. The bags have a substantial, elegant feel to them – they’re worthy of toting home a shiny, silver flute.

The biggest benefit, though, is that recipients now have a bag they can use over and over. Flutists can use them for any number of things, and because the website is imprinted along with the logo, people know exactly where to find the shop. The bags are a useful gift for recipients and an excellent marketing tool for Flute Pro Shop.

Want to know more about marketing with custom bags? Check out our Slideshare on promotional tote bags.


3 Takeaways From The Swag Bags At The Golden Globes

This year’s Golden Globes swag bags were, as usual, filled to the brim with a mishmash of luxury gifts. Celebs took home a variety of goodies including facial treatments, fragrances, make-up and waterproof speakers all packed in a covetable bag – a Dooney & Burke bag for ladies and a Travelpro garment bag for the guys.

Swag bags always generate a lot of buzz at red-carpet events, but even if you’re not hosting A-listers, you should still know the basics of putting together an epic swag bag. They’re a great way to show people you appreciated their attendance at your event – whether it’s a grand opening, conference or, well, awards ceremony.

swag bags

Here are three takeaways from the swag bags at the 2014 Golden Globes:

1. Pay attention to your presentation.

The first step to an epic swag bag is the bag itself. It’s just as exciting as the contents inside, and it’s also a first impression of the gift. Select a bag that’s the appropriate size for what you’re giving away – you don’t want items spilling out of the bag, and you also don’t want it to be so large that gifts are rattling around inside.

The bag sets the tone for the entire gift experience – make it representative of the event, and make it relevant to attendees. If you’re creating swag bags for a teacher’s conference, for example, consider using insulated lunch bags to house your gifts. If swag bags are for a grand opening, reusable tote bags will get your brand continued exposure.

2. Give people items they actually want.  

The Golden Globes (and really all awards events) nail it with the swag bags – they’re always filled with swoon-worthy gear and products. Your swag bag doesn’t have to be worth hundreds or thousands of dollars for it to be cool – it just has to contain gifts that people are actually happy to receive.

Determining the items to include in your gift bags depends largely on the audience attending and what you want to market. Do you have a ground-breaking new product? Consider including a sample in each bag. The contents of your swag bag should be swanky enough for it to be labeled a swag bag. Otherwise, it’s just a hodgepodge of freebies that may or may not end up in the trash.

3. Always consider the quality and functionality of the gifts.

It’s better to include one or two useful gifts with a high-perceived value than a handful of inexpensive giveaways. This isn’t a booth at a tradeshow where the goal is to hand out as many promo items as you can to get your name out there. This is an opportunity for you to engage with event attendees in a lasting, memorable way. Make your swag bags unforgettable by including a few choice gifts that will really wow attendees.

Swag bags can either impress or fall flat. To make sure yours are on the right track, always do a gut check: Would you be excited to receive the swag bag? Take a cue from the Golden Globes to get on the path to sensational swag bags – no matter what your budget and who’s attending your event.