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Why Plastic Bag Bans Are A Golden Marketing Opportunity

Plastic bag bans are sweeping the globe, and whether you’re all for them or you hate the inconvenience, one thing is certain: they present a major marketing opportunity.

As more and more shoppers are left with two choices at the checkout line – pay a fee for paper bags or purchase canvas ones – custom reusable bags make more sense than ever.

People have a need for them – now. There’s no longer the option of paper or plastic for shoppers in many cities.

In California alone, there are 90 cities and counties that have banned single-use bags. On New Year’s Day, Los Angeles joined the list, becoming the largest city in the United States to ban plastic bags. See the other U.S. cities with plastic bag bans here.

Nobody wants to plunk down upwards of $4 for a canvas sack to tote home their groceries. And they certainly don’t want to pay for paper bags they’ll just throw away anyway.

custom tote bag

The best promotional gift when plastic bags are banned? Reusable bags.

So what’s a shopper to do? Bring their own bags.

Smart marketers want shoppers to be using their promotional tote bags. They know it’s not just about marketing their brand – it’s about establishing goodwill.

By giving people something they need, they naturally feel more favorable toward you. You’re helping them out. In the case of the plastic bag bans, people need a solution for transporting their purchases. Problem solved: custom tote bags.

You can get reusable bags imprinted with your logo for as low as 62 cents a bag. Not bad, especially considering that the need for these bags has just skyrocketed. In L.A., the bag ban law applies not only to grocery stores, but big-box stores such as Target and Wal-Mart as well. By July 1, the ban will also include convenience stores.

Seize the marketing opportunity created by plastic bag bans. By giving out promotional tote bags, you’ll be getting your company name out there and putting something truly useful into the hands of your audience.

Not sure where to get started? Click through ePromos’ Slideshare on custom totes.



Wedding Idea: Custom Tote Bags For Guests

If you’re planning a wedding, don’t overlook custom tote bags – they’re the perfect way to welcome out-of-town guests to your fête. When far-flung family and friends are traveling from across the country or globe, isn’t it nice to have a little something special awaiting them?

Our client, Christine Montz, thinks so. This mother-of-the-bride came to ePromos seeking a unique keepsake to hold memorabilia from the wedding locale: Louisiana.

custom tote bagCustom bags were the perfect wedding giveaway item solution. They’re roomy enough to fit other gifts, and they’re ideal for traveling. Plus, the personalization options are endless: wedding date, names, photos, something unique to the couple or destination.

“I didn’t want a huge bag, but one that would hold a sufficient number of products,” Montz says. “We used them to put products from Louisiana as a gift to the guests.”

Montz selected a gorgeous, golden-hued shopping tote customized with iconic Louisiana imagery along with the couple’s names. With a simple addition of ribbon tied on the handles, Montz had a classy, distinctive gift for non-local guests.

The personalized tote bags were presented to guests upon check-in at the hotel, setting the stage for a memorable wedding experience from the moment they arrived.

“Everyone loved the bags—said they were the cutest gift bags that they had ever received,” says Montz. “The quality of the bags was great, and the feedback from everyone was so positive.”

Custom tote bags provide a warm welcome and are great mementos of the big occasion. And hey, there’s nothing like an unexpected gift to prepare your wedding guests for love, laughter and happily ever after.

Promo know-how tip:

Incorporate wedding colors into your favors and gifts for a nice touch and to round out the overall wedding experience. Let our Brand Consultants help you find unique, memorable favors and gifts for your special event.


Why Custom Bags Are Perfect For Retreats

It’s summer, which means retreats of all kinds are in full swing. Custom bags should be part of the experience, whether it’s a yoga, couples, wilderness, or a whole different kind of retreat. They’re perpetually useful and appreciated gifts, and where there’s a group of people gathering for an event, there’s a promo bag to fit.

custom bagTake our client, Zion Pentecostal Church of Christ, for example. It recently hosted a women’s retreat and gave out custom boat totes to delegates at registration.

“We put in various items: program booklets, emery boards, mints, small fans, bookmarks and pens,” says Darlene Brantley, who serves as Director of the Women’s Ministry. “We received very positive feedback. The ladies carry them for various reasons.”

If your organization has a retreat on the horizon, use custom bags to enhance the experience for attendees. Here are three reasons to include them at your event:

1. They’re functional.

Recipients can use them during the retreat, and they’re also useful after the event – especially drawstring bags which are very popular. Plus, you can pack a whole lot of other promo items inside the bags, as Brantley did for her women’s retreat. Do you have specific items attendees will need for the event – water bottles, sunscreen, towels? Place them inside the bag for a handy gift when people arrive.

2. They’re keepsakes after the event.

Give attendees something tangible to take away, and they’ll be reminded of the retreat every time they use it. Don’t send them home empty-handed – provide them with a memento that they can look back on fondly. If yours is a recurring retreat, be sure to provide custom bags in different styles so attendees get something new every year.

3. They’re a way to show appreciation.

Kids get favors at birthday parties. Guests get favors at wedding receptions. Shouldn’t people who attend your retreat get a little something? Promotional bags are a great token of gratitude. They show that you value the time and investment attendees made to participate in the retreat.

Make your retreat memorable and provide a useful takeaway for attendees – give out custom logo bags. From totes and drawstring bags to duffels and backpacks, there’s a world of options to put something functional and fashionable in attendees’ hands.

Promo know-how tip:

Consider the setting of the retreat when choosing promotional bags. Is it a corporate retreat? Look to customized laptop bags or lunch bags that attendees can bring back to the workplace. Is it an outdoor retreat? Backpacks or sling bags are more functional.



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The Funniest Promotional Bags We’ve Seen

Our first reaction when we spotted the promotional bags from Diagonal Mar Shopping Centre in Barcelona, Spain? Intrigue.

The bags have an Abercrombie-esque look, only the male model that’s featured isn’t shirtless and there’s a QR code printed over his mouth. When shoppers scan the QR code, their phones pull up a video of the man’s mouth, which immediately starts lavishing them with compliments.

The talking mouth recites such gems as: “I can already see that you are gorgeous” and “I keep up with the latest tendencies … my tendency to admire you.”

Perhaps the best line is: “Maybe I can interest you in the perfect accessory for what you’re carrying in that bag … me.” Cue the sultry, flirty smile.

Touted as the first bag that raises your self-esteem, it’s a bag that knows what it wants – and it wants you. We are busting up. The Spanish branch of ad agency JWT developed the promotion, and currently has a custom bag in the works for guys.

Diagonal Mar has dazzled us with this campaign. It uses promotional bags (a perfect fit in a shopping mall) and takes them to the next level by adding a QR code.

So many marketers are confused about how to use QR codes. It’s simple, though. Be purposeful and provide something of value to your audience. Diagonal Mar provides shoppers with some eye candy and a laugh all under the premise of selling more stuff. Check out the awesome cheesiness:


Custom Bags Create A Buzz For Pediatric Dental Practice

Kids who go to Bright Smiles of Winter Haven, a Florida-based pediatric dental office, get more than a teeth cleaning at visits—they score some great custom drawstring bags.

If there’s anything that takes the dread out of going to the dentist, it’s free stuff. And for the dentist, the promotional bags are excellent marketing tools.

custom bagThink about it: Kids are busy. Between school and extracurricular activities, they’re lugging those logo tote bags everywhere.

The exposure is why Mike Miller, who works for Bright Smiles’ advertising agency, contacted ePromos for promotional bags.

“We wanted to provide our new clients with gifts,” Miller says. “We figured promotional bags would be perfect to put everything in. They’re relevant, and child- and adult-friendly. When a child is going to a sports practice or dance practice, for example, it’s easy for parents to throw stuff in and go.”

Bright Smiles advertises in a variety of ways—from social media to newspaper ads. But it’s the promotional bags that generate the conversation that’s so critical to the practice’s growth.

“Much of the business comes through referrals,” says Miller. “The child’s smile is our biggest billboard, and the bags are such a great way to introduce the discussion of which dentist a child goes to.”

Miller anticipates that the bags will be filled with other freebies such as tumblers for parents and youth-sized t-shirts for patients.

By using promotional gifts that are functional and appealing to all age groups, Bright Smiles is successfully building its brand one patient at a time.

Promo know-how tip:

Always include something in your promotional bags—whether it’s printed information about your business, coupons, or another promotional item. Let our Brand Consultants create your next promotion using custom bags.