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10 Ideas For A Beach-Ready Promotion

You know how to get your body ready for the beach: eat right, squeeze in some exercise and nab the perfect swimwear.

But what about your promotions—are they ready for beach season? Consider this: About 75 million Americans are heading to the beach this summer. These sun-seekers represent a gigantic, sunscreen-slathered market to get your message across.

Beach resorts, travel agencies and cruise lines have a prime opportunity for giving guests logoed beach items, but they’re not the only ones. Any business can benefit by giving their customers promotional beach items they can use while playing or relaxing in the sun.

Memorial Day is the kickoff to summer, which means beach season is drawing near. Try these 10 beach products to add a little surf, sand and sun to your next promotion.

  1. Beach balls. Take an unexpected route and use these for company picnics, birthday parties or concerts.
  2. Beach mats. Make sure to find one that’s water- and sand-resistant to keep your logo vibrant.
  3. Beach towels. Logos pop against a crisp, white background, but tropical colors are irresistibly fun for beach towels.
  4. SPF lip balm. Protect your customers’ kissers with promotional SPF lip balm in an array of tantalizing flavors.
  5. Beach bag. Help beachgoers corral their logoed beach items with a promotional beach bag. Multiple pockets are ideal, especially ones sized for water bottles.
  6. Sunglasses. Hop on the aviator sunglasses trend for a promotional gift your customers can use in any season.
  7. Beach buckets and toys. Promote your brand and playtime with logoed items for kids. Many beach toys double as bath toys, so you get twice the exposure with parents.
  8. Sunsceen. Look for promotional sunscreen with a carabiner clip for easy attachment to a beach bag or tote.
  9. Water bottles. Promote hydration with a logoed water bottle. Try packing some promotional sunscreen or lip balm inside for an easy beach kit.
  10. Coolers. Wheeled coolers are best for shuttling drinks from the car to the coastline.

Promo know-how tip: Logoed beach items are fun, useful and perfectly on time for the summer season. Score some sizzle with our hot summer specials happening now!