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Plan Ahead: Earth Day is 1 Month Away!

With Earth Day a little more than one month away (April 22nd, 2012), it’s time to start thinking green! Using eco-friendly promotional products benefits the earth by reducing the amount of resources that go into manufacturing your products. Not only will you get some good karma, but you’ll also get the attention of any eco-conscious consumers looking to do business with socially responsible companies. Plus, since many eco-friendly items are reusable, your imprinted message lasts longer than it would with traditional marketing mediums. Here are three green items that are perfect for an Earth Day promotion:

Recycled Non-woven Tote Bag. This legendary promo product gets an eco twist with a sustainable re-design that uses 100% recycled material. You get all of the benefits of a typical custom tote bag – convenience, usefuless, and big potential for brand exposure – as well as the green benefits of advertising with a recycled product. This versatile promo is a practical and affordable eco-friendly corporate gift idea.

Biodegradable Translucent Water Bottle. Build up your brand’s impact without impacting the environment thanks to this biodegradable water bottle. It’s extremely durable, BPA-free, and reusable, so it will see plenty of use and reduce the consumption of disposable plastic bottles. It can also be recycled at any facilities that process #1 recyclables, which are typically turned into items likeĀ fleece clothing, fiber, tote bags, bottles, furniture, and carpet.

Recycled Paper Barrel Pen. This promotional pen features a natural-looking recycled paper barrel which cuts down on the amount of plastic used to make it. It’s a click-action ballpoint pen with black ink that has the same long-lasting shelf life of similar pens, yet this one gives off a distinct eco-friendly vibe that will give customers a feel for what type of business you are. At under $0.75 each, it’s also a cost-effective option for any business that’s trying to make the switch to more sustainable advertising practices. Great for internal office use or tradeshow giveaways.