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It Takes a Village—Overcoming Cancer with Help from Family, Friends, and...

In honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month this October, we’re sharing Jade’s story and reminding readers 40 and over to schedule their yearly mammogram or arrange other life-saving cancer screenings with their healthcare provider.

Jade Porter is a Senior Brand Manager with ePromos. Learn more about her journey to beat breast cancer and the support she received from her ePromos community along the way.

When Jade Porter was 38, her older sister received a breast cancer diagnosis. Wise to the power of preventative care, Jade immediately scheduled her own mammogram. When it came back clear, she shifted her focus entirely to supporting her sister through her illness. “I just assumed that it was going to be her journey,” Jade recalls, “and I wouldn’t get the same thing.”

A New Job and Her Own Diagnosis

Around the time of her sister’s diagnosis, Jade joined the ePromos community. Her 15 years of promotional product experience made her a valuable team member, but starting a new job meant new insurance. “I hadn’t gotten into the routine of getting a mammogram every year,” she explains. “I turned 40, and I started feeling really tired,” she shares. “That was my only symptom.”

Jade’s doctor immediately realized she was past due for her yearly mammogram. A scan revealed Stage II breast cancer on one side, with concern it had already begun to spread to the other.

Road to Recovery

Because Jade’s cancer had already started to spread, her treatment plan was aggressive and immediate. “I got diagnosed on a Tuesday and I started chemotherapy on a Thursday,” Jade says. After five months of chemotherapy and a few unexpected complications, she had only a four-week break before her double mastectomy. After that, she completed five weeks of radiation, which was then followed by four reconstructive surgeries. Jade describes the experience as “one year fighting the cancer, and then the next year was about fixing everything that broke in the process.”

It certainly hasn’t been easy. An allergy to one of her chemotherapy medications severely damaged Jade’s tear ducts, and despite two corrective surgeries, the issue has not been completely resolved. In addition, because Jade’s cancer is hormone-fed, she’s on a ten-year hormone treatment plan, which comes with its own side effects.

Still, Jade is bolstered by remaining cancer-free. “I’m four years clear this August,” she explains, “so that’s great.”

Support at Work and Home

Through it all, Jade notes she’s been fortunate to have consistent help and support from her family, friends, and work community.

At the time of her diagnosis, Jade was juggling a full parenting load in addition to her job. She and her husband each have one child from previous marriages and one son together. With a high schooler and a six-year-old in the house, their days were busy and full. But, Jade says, her husband was on it. “He was able to take quite a bit of time off and really step in to help.”

She also has a huge network of friends that swooped in to offer their assistance, including from a distance. “Some of them even flew in,” Jade recalls. “They stayed for a couple of days at a time and just helped with whatever I needed.”

Jade kept working through chemotherapy, which she credits in large part to help from a flexible and hands-on team. At the time of her diagnosis, Jade had only been with ePromos for about a year, but her work community stepped in seamlessly. 

Her sales assistant at the time, Laura, jumped right in and took charge of anything Jade couldn’t handle herself. “She was interacting with my clients directly…at times she was really doing my job as well as her own,” Jade says. When Jade had to be out for longer stretches, ePromos sales colleagues John and Paula also stepped in to help. The situation called for a community effort, which left a lasting, meaningful impression on Jade.

A Valuable Lesson—and a Cautionary Tale

Jade says her biggest takeaway from the experience is that getting a mammogram every year is essential, “Don’t let it slide,” she cautions, “that’s really important.” She points out that if she had gotten her mammogram a year earlier, she may have caught the cancer in Stage I and had less of a treatment ordeal. “If you delay a diagnosis and it does progress, the survival rates start to decline.”

She also points to confusion some have about the BRCA gene, also known as the breast cancer gene. Many women may learn they don’t have the BRCA mutation and feel a false sense of security. But, according to The National Breast Cancer Foundation, less than 10% of people diagnosed with breast cancer have a BRCA mutation.

Jade has also found that her cancer experience has helped her to decide what’s important and essential in her life. “I tend to streamline a lot more,” she says. “I’m more thoughtful in what I choose to do.”

This article was written in an effort to spread awareness and inspire others to see that challenges can in fact be overcome. Looking for some more inspiration? Kelly tells us all about her visual impairment and her experience with her guide dog, Robin.

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5 Year-Round Products That Shine a Spotlight on Breast Cancer Awareness

Because the Pink Ribbon Deserves More Than a Month…

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and since day one, we’ve been all-in on supporting this critical global cause, a cause that, for many of us at ePromos, hits a little too close to home.

While we’re proud to dig in and get the word out in October, this is a cause that’s too big to limit to a single month. One in eight American women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetimes, and another 330,000 cases will be discovered this year alone – it’s staggering, it’s scary and it’s something we want front-and-center 365 days of the year, not just in October.

This year, our goal is to start the conversation and keep it going. To do that, we’ve rounded up five beat-breast-cancer-inspired products to help boost awareness. With these products you can show you’re committed to the cause, in October and every day.

These powerhouse products paired with our upcoming #ePromosCares campaigns are the first steps in the right direction – a direction we hope you’ll be part of to mark Breast Cancer Awareness Month and the ongoing battle against this wide-spread disease.

Our Port & Company Custom V Neck T-shirt in Pink


Pink shouldn’t be reserved just for October. Show your support, and your staff’s support, year-round with a Port & Company V-Neck Custom T-Shirt. Print your “Kick Breast Cancer’s Butt” message on one side, and encourage your team to don their tee, share shirts with clients and, of course, snap plenty of pics for social media – bonus points for a custom hashtag to track your year-long efforts.


Our Mood Custom Changing Umbrella with Ribbons“When it rains, it pours” – too often, the old adage is true. But with this pattern-changing umbrella, you’re sending a new message: “When it rains, we step up and show our support for breast cancer survivors and their families”. When this Mood Color Changing Custom Umbrella gets wet it turns from pink to pink ribbons – definitely a rainy-day convo-starter.

In reality, October is actually a drier month for most, so really, this umbrella is better suited as a spring or even summer premium (April showers, anyone?). And besides, who doesn’t love getting an umbrella? You always need one and never seem to have one when that first drop hits. Be the solution and spread the word – it’s the ultimate win/win.


Our Full Color SPF Lip Balm Tub with 100 piecesWe love snagging a great lip balm and, again, this is hands down a year-round essential. Between dry winter lips and burned summer lips, there’s always a big need for some serious soothing – exactly what this SPF 15 Lip Balm Tub delivers.

While you can brand and distribute these lip balms in a million different ways, we love leaving them out in waiting rooms, reception areas or other high-traffic spots, where your branded balms can do double duty. Think about it – people see the bright pink tub and know your company is part of the fight. Then they grab a balm and take it to-go, for a constant reminder of your brand and your breast cancer awareness message.


Our MopToppers Custom Breast Cancer Awareness Stylus/PenAnother consummate convo-starter: MopToppers® Breast Cancer Awareness Custom Stylus Pens, Designed to jot down notes on any touch screen, these “pens” are as cute as they are cutting-edge. And – BONUS – the “mop top” on these pens doubles as a screen cleaner, perfect for smartphones, tablets and computer screens.



Our Bling Awareness Custom Can CoolersBLING AWARENESS

Perfect for gift bags or other promotional giveaways, these soft, lightweight Custom Can Coolers keep drinks extra cold with an added layer of bling that gets noticed. Layer on your message and show of support and you’re good to go, and good to sip, any day of the year.

Got a great product or premium you want to share? Post it to Instagram with #ePromosCares and we’ll share it on our feed.

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The NFL’s Crucial Catch To Fight Cancer


Updated October 1, 2018

breast-cancer-awareness-promotional products

The NFL reimagines its October Cancer Awareness Campaign

For eight seasons the NFL was one of the most visible supporters of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Every October from coast to coast, fields were packed with players donning pink gear from gloves to cleats to patches. Players shared their stories of mothers, wives, sisters and friends overcoming incredible odds to beat breast cancer head-on. They touted education. They shared resources for early intervention and free screenings. They used their voices and their access to tens of millions of viewers week after week to get the word out.

And it didn’t go unnoticed. The league raised more than $15 million for the American Cancer Society (ACS) during this eight-year period, through merchandise sales, corporate contributions and auctions.

While the NFL ended its “Think Pink” campaign with the 2016 season, it doesn’t mean the league’s commitment to a cure has gone by the wayside. During the 2017 season, the NFL shifted focus to a new program “A Crucial Catch,” which supports the ACS and champions any cancer awareness a team chooses.

This program continues into the 2018 season. For three weeks in October, NFL teams will hit the field and make their support known. While many continue to “Think Pink,” others have chosen cancers that hit home with players and their families – prostate, colorectal, skin, brain and more.

Like Think Pink, A Crucial Catch will maintain a heavy emphasis on education and screenings, both essential in early detection, prevention and survival. The new campaign includes a mobile messaging component which pushes personalized tips to fans and subscribers as well as merchandise, team-specific promotions and messaging from star players.

Though a major shift for fans used to seeing pink lining the field every October, this broadened support helps shine a much-needed light on the diverse cancers impacting millions of Americans. What’s more, in broadening the scope of the campaign, players have a unique opportunity to use their voice and their access to share personal stories, all in an effort to drive understanding, awareness and support.

From where we sit, this added attention couldn’t come soon enough – and we at ePromos are on board. We’re continuing to offer our Breast Cancer Awareness Collection, including popular apparel, merchandise and promotional items ideal for fundraising, events and, simply, saying “thanks” to loyal supporters and customers.

If your campaign is extending outside of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, or focused on other cancer awareness efforts, we can help customize products that sync with your goals and your messaging. From sunscreen with a skin cancer prevention tips to calendars that remind recipients to schedule screenings, there are plenty of ways to show your support and help educate your audience. And, as the NFL’s ongoing campaigns prove, education is the first step in the right direction.

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