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Sundance Film Festival: Reusable Custom Water Bottles

At Sundance Film Festival, Brita and Nalgene teamed up to provide festival-goers with reusable custom water bottles filled with Brita-filtered tap water. This partnership drastically cut down on the huge amount of plastic bottled water waste that is typically seen at these events, proving that simple changes can make a big difference. In addition to the free bottles and filtered water, the FilterForGood project premiered a short documentary about greening the music industry. Overall, a great way to not only raise awareness but also deliver the tangible tools attendees needed to actually contribute to the project’s eco-friendly mission! Kudos to Brita and Nalgene for a well-executed promotional campaign.

custom water bottles

For more information on FilterForGood, check out this quick Sundance interview with Brita’s Drew McGowan: