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Can’t Stop the Childvertising

childvertising jake The childvertising continues. The latest incident comes to our attention courtesy of adfreak via Ilise from our Merchandising Department. It seems an enterprising mother is auctioning off the rights to clothe young Jake in corporate logo apparel for a year for a paltry $100,000. Presumably this revenue will be set aside for Jake’s college education, where he will presumably study marketing.Of course, as Helen Lovejoy might ask, “Won’t somebody please think about the children?” Given the relative recency of the childvertising explosion, it may be years before we know the effects it has on the children involved. I suspect it may turn out to serve as a form of “gateway marketing” that eventually leads to headvertising. I hope I’m wrong.


More Childvertising

As previously reported on Everybody Loves Free Stuff, the childvertising epidemic continues to run rampant, as evidenced by this photograph. While trade shows and organizations like Valleyschwag provide most of the raw promotional materials, the parents are ultimately responsible for this tragedy. As the caption to this photo posted on flickr clearly indicates, the innocent children involved are forced into childvertising against their will, or at least without their consent:”What better way to celebrate Valleyschwag and Ruby on Rails than to make my kids wear the stuff?! ”

Indeed. When the laws of our country essentially treat minors as chattel, what better way to celebrate than to use them as pawns in a game of advertising and promotion? Of course, as insidious as it may be, it is rather cute, which is why we sell promotional apparel for children.