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Corona Engages Consumers With Clever Packaging

The beer and alcohol industry is a tough place to make a name for yourself. With millions of dollars being spent on advertising and branding each year, sometimes it’s the little things that set you apart from competitors.

Corona recently came up with a clever promotional packaging idea that engages customers and reinforces the company’s playful and fun brand image: Instead of wasting the valuable space on their six-pack packaging, Corona transformed the box into a board game! Bottle caps are used as game pieces, and the dice and game cards are downloaded by scanning the QR code on the game board (which is one of the most creative uses of QR codes I’ve seen).

This promotional game shows that Corona “isn’t just another boring beer company”, and encourages consumers to socialize and have fun while using their products. With almost no additional cost, Corona has managed to turn their packaging into an attention-grabbing marketing tool that also drives sales of their product – not too shabby!