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5 Reasons This Custom Campfire Mug is a Fall Essential

Summer’s winding down but, we’d argue, September is the perfect month to get your camp on. Think about it – the weather isn’t so brutally hot, and all of the fair-weather campers likely packed up their tents pre-Labor Day. Now, the campsites are calm and there’s still ample time to get out and explore before the cold weather sets in.

Our campfire mugs

Really, what could be better? Besides, of course, September’s Product of the Month, our Stainless Steel Speckled Camping Mug. These 16-ounce camping mugs are the ultimate retro add-on for any outdoor adventure.

#1. Vintage is “IN”
Customers are clamoring for all things vintage – such as these campfire mugs. Taking a cue from high fashion – which called vintage the trend for Fall/Winter 2019 – these mugs are an amazing accessory that satisfies virtually any recipient. That trendy 20something buyer? She’ll love the retro cool that oozes from these camping mugs. That senior exec? He’ll love that these mugs are total classics – exactly what he busted out for countless camping trips.

#2. They’ll keep you HOT (literally)
That said, with vintage style comes a vintage feel – literally. These are authentic campfire mugs, meant to keep your drinks, stews, chilis and cocoas hot…and your hands too. Expect these cool cups to heat up when hot beverages or foods are poured in. On a cool fall night or early morning stroll, that’s a bonus.

#3. No more pre-sip mix ups
Available in seven colors – black, blue, navy, green, white, red and teal – it’s easy to hand customers, clients, vendors, staff or, even, your camping crew a batch of campfire mugs that are totally identifiable. That means no more mixing up AM coffee cups or PM hot cocoa with these bold hues.

#4. Be the only brand in town…
One of the biggest appeals of camping? Getting away from the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life. From a brand perspective, that’s the ultimate opportunity to make your mark.

Brand these campfire mugs and you’ll ensure your business, your message and your unique value proposition is front-and-center when there’s zero competition for your customers’ and clients’ attention and engagement. With an oversized 2.25″w x 1.75″h space for your two-color printing, you’ll be sure to get the word out, even in the great outdoors.

#5. They’ll be ready for next season
All of this said, these aren’t one-and-done campfire mugs. These classic cups are meant to hold up – they’re high-quality, kitchen-grade stainless steel, super sturdy and BPA free. Whether they’re tucked away for next camping season or become cupboard staples used all year long, these branded mugs will be good to go whenever they’re needed.

Watch as our Brand Manager, Ashley, gives you an up-close look:

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Seasonal Trends: Fall Promotional Products

The cooler mornings and evenings here in New York mean that now is the perfect time to start taking advantage of annual autumn trends in promotional products. By planning your seasonal gift and giveaway campaigns ahead of time, you can leverage good timing to increase the power and relevance of your promos. Here are some fall favorites picked by the ePromos experts:

  1. Promotional Long-Sleeve T-Shirts. It’s not cold enough to grab a winter jacket from the back of the closet yet, but long sleeve t-shirts are a different story. These popular apparel items are great for guys and girls, young and old, which makes it easy for you to promote to a diverse audience. They are also comfortable, warm, and stylish, so you don’t need to worry about whether or not people are actually going to wear them – it’s a given. Some popular uses around this time of the year are mid-tier tradeshow giveaways, employee gifts, and holiday gifts for customers and prospects.

    A simple, tasteful imprint will ensure your shirts don’t come across as tacky or cheap.

  2. Custom Coffee Cups & Personalized Mugs. Cooler weather always seems to put people in the mood for a hot beverage – it’s comforting and a great way to start the day whether you’re at home or in the office. You can capitalize on this by giving away personalized mugs that will see plenty of use in the fall and straight through the winter. Custom mugs are a daily essential for recipients and they are easy on your budget, so you can expect an impressive return on your investment. Make sure to pick an eye-catching color with a bold imprint to grab attention.

    Custom mugs are a great way to capture some “desktop real estate” for your brand in client offices.

  3. Embroidered Knit Hats. It’s not cold enough yet for heavy-duty winter gear, but an embroidered knit hat is always a welcome companion during brisk morning commutes. These hats are a great choice for corporate gifts thanks to the sharp-looking embroidery used to customize them. If you want a gift with a high-end consumer feel to it, embroidered hats from renowned brands like Patagonia are the way to go. Your recipients will love the quality, and the hats will withstand the elements for a long time.

    Knit Hats are an item everyone uses – capitalize on their popularity and reap the rewards of quality brand exposure!


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