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How to Brand Your Business in Our New Normal

As we adapt to our new normal (being home) and prepare for the recovery period that will follow in the coming weeks or months, we need to consider what does this mean for the way we’re using certain promo products? What does the future hold in the aftermath of a global pandemic from a business perspective? As you tweak your marketing calendar for the remainder of the year, think about the problems that frustrate or concern your demographic the most, and seek out branded products that can help solve, or at least mitigate, some of those issues. As always, we want to help you reach your target market in a way that’s valuable and thoughtful, yet effective.

Sanitizing and Disinfecting Products

Right now keeping ourselves, our homes, and our immediate environment disinfected is crucial. In the coming months, we know we’ll continue to see sanitizing products and other health-related items at the top of everyone’s lists. Fortunately, as suppliers continue to adjust to increased demand, we’ll see more of these products readily available for purchase.

Sanitizing products certainly aren’t new, but they are getting a renewed spotlight in our daily lives. While proper handwashing is our best line of defense against the spread of illness, there are plenty of times when we have to rely on sanitizers instead.

Portable sanitizer for personal use can be critical for travelers on subways, Ubers, and planes, but it’s also helpful to have on hand for more everyday activities, like at the gym, the doctor’s office, the dog park, or when picking up kids after school. We’ll also continue to see a growing installation of hand sanitizer stations around healthcare offices or business.

There are other evolving ways to incorporate high-demand sanitizing products into gifts and giveaways too, including:

  • Hand sanitizer included in virtual event packages (for now), and conference or event welcome packages (once they resume)
  • Packages of disinfecting wipes for phones, computers, tablets, and other work items as a part of remote-working kits
  • Travel soap or other personal care items

Something else you can get started on now? Delivering these high-value promo items through direct mail—straight to the doorstop of your prospects, customers, or employees. And don’t forget to double check that you’re sending products that meet FDA guidelines for safety and efficacy, especially at a time when there are a lot of efforts to capitalize on high-demand items. For example, take note that in order to be effective, hand sanitizer needs to contain at least 60% alcohol.

Health Products and Convenience Items

Other health-related products such as thermometers and personal health items will also continue to increase in use and popularity. Products that help consumers feel safe and prepared, like those in a health and wellness care kit, are also timely.

Additionally, you can take a “back to basics” approach by choosing branded products that feel reliable and trustworthy. Consider items such as a throw blanket to encourage relaxation, self-care, and comfort at a time when many consumers are feeling a little more anxious. 

You might also think of ways you can add convenience and ease to essential workers or business travelers returning to work as social distancing restrictions begin to ease. Functional products like a bag or carry-all tote for keeping necessary sanitizing, health, and travel items organized and easily accessible.

Our new, changed reality presents smart and compassionate businesses with an invaluable opportunity. You can authentically and ethically market your brand by being of genuine service to your customers and prospects.

Modern Marketing in a Global Pandemic

As we adjust to changes in the ways we live and work, our methods for reaching our target markets will change too. The best way to adapt is with a slight shift in perspective. This may require getting creative not only about what products we use to reach people, but how we deliver them, too. Focusing on branded promo items that genuinely meet the biggest needs is a way for your company to do its part for public health, while also maintaining good relationships with the people you want to connect with most.

Interested in discussing ideas about branded promo items that are a good fit for our current climate and for the future? Let us help you think outside the box about the best ways to reach your audience. We’d love to hear from you.

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