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Our Favorite Examples of Green Marketing Campaigns

The “green” trend or being aware of how we’re slashing through finite natural resources to devastating effects and seeking ways to stop/reverse the damage—is a growing movement. And for good reason. Earth Overshoot Day, the day of the year that marks when humanity has used up more resources than the Earth can replenish that year, fell on August 1 last year—the earliest date yet. Just recently young folks around the globe skipped school to stand up against climate change. More and more businesses are going green, whether through updating manufacturing practices, products, or even the buildings they reside in and customers are noticing.

The green trend only stands to gain traction, as the environmental situation becomes direr and folks become more engaged in the fight against it—which is why all businesses should at least consider green marketing as part of their long-term strategy. Green marketing can wear a few faces, from being about the green initiatives at your business to sustainable/green-friendly products used in promotions and giveaways. If you opt to do something green, be sure you’re doing it authentically. Consumers are wising up and you stand to lose customers if you simply ‘go green’ because it’s on trend, and not because it’s part of your larger business values and beliefs.

If you’re looking to create a promotional product but want to ditch the plastic and go greener, consider our curated list of the top 10 green marketing campaign ideas below. From reusable grocery bags, to stainless steel snack containers, to seeds (is there anything greener than a plant?), we’ve got you covered!

10 Green Marketing Campaign Ideas

1. Reusable Grocery Bags

Plastic bags have become a major source of contention concerning the environment. They’re damaging marine life and filling up landfills — check out this list for 10 sobering facts on the problem with single use plastic bags. Be a part of the fight against single use plastic bags by gifting fully customizable reusable grocery bags.

2. Stainless Steel or Glass Water Bottles

It’s been estimated that in the U.S., 1500 water bottles are used every second. Yikes! Help your customers go green by offering a reusable water bottle. Even better—ditch the plastic altogether with a stainless steel or glass version. These materials are much more easily recycled than reusable plastic versions.

3. Cloth Produce Bags

Ditching plastic bags is awesome, but even if you bring your own totes, chances are you’re still going to end up using plastic bags—cue the produce aisle, rife with cheap, small plastic bags. Cloth bags, made from sustainable materials like cotton, are a fantastic option to completely ditch plastic bags at the grocery store.

4. Bar Soap

Bar soap is a great option for replacing liquid soaps, which usually come in plastic bottles. A bar soap has no need for packaging, and eventually, gets all used up, creating zero waste. Get creative by customizing the soap by imprinting your company logo or name on it.

5. Seeds Packets

Can you go greener than planting seeds? We think not. Seed packets are a cute, earth-friendly promotional gift that customers will love. They make a great gift for adults and are a family-friendly activity to do with kids. From herbs to wildflowers, there’s plenty of seed options out there.

6. Reusable Straws

Straws, like the kind you get in almost every restaurant or fast food chain, are a big problem. The large majority are not recyclable, meaning they end up in landfills. But they’re so small, you may be thinking? Well, nothing is small when you consider that in the U.S. alone, 500 million straws are used daily! That’s a HUGE issue. Luckily folks are catching onto the wonder of reusable straws, made from materials like stainless steel and silicone. These straws are a major environmental win and can easily be branded with your company name or logo to make a great green gift.

7. Bento Lunch Container

Two-Tone Custom Bento Lunch Box with UtensilsFinding ways to package lunches, which are eaten outside of the home (like at school or work), can be tricky if you want to be greener. Plastic baggies have been a long cultural norm for housing sandwiches and snack—but they are not green. Consider gifting a bento style lunch container as a promotional gift, which of course, you can customize with your company colors, logo, or name.

Really want to make an impression? Fill it with snacks and other goodies when handing them out.

8. Mugs

A mug may not seem like the most innovative green gift, but the average coffee drinker consumes 3.1 cups per day! For those drinking those cups in the office using plastic, (or worse, Styrofoam) that’s an incredible amount of waste. A ceramic mug is the perfect solution to enjoy your coffee without the added cup waste. Customize your cup and consider incorporating something ‘green’ into the design to signify the goal of using it in the office as a replacement to paper cups.

9. Recycled Paper Notebook

While a big part of going green is relying less on natural resources, it’s hard to completely let go of those, like paper. That said, you can use paper and be green by opting for a notebook made from recycled materials.

10. Bamboo Items

Bamboo may be the wunderkind of going green. It grows quickly, uses very little water, and is wonderfully strong. It has promising versatility, too, from fabrics to building materials. Show some bamboo (and Mother Earth) love by gifting folks something made of bamboo, like a t-shirt, baseball cap, pen, or more (we told you it was versatile).

Hopefully these Earth-friendly options have gotten your wheels turning for ways to gift promotional products that are wonderfully green. Looking for more ideas? Check out this piece on 20 Creative Ideas for Earth Day Promotions.

Taking a stand in the fight against climate change, and the disastrous issues that come with it, is something not only for your business to be proud of, but your customers will respect and potentially even support you further because of it.


Earth Day Giveaways: 20 Creative Ideas for Earth Day Promotions

Updated March 20, 2020

Since 1970, Earth Day has celebrated our earth, putting environmental concerns on the front page and raising public awareness about living organisms, the environment and links between pollution and public health.

2020 marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, April 22; the date never changes. However, since our earth is changing, Earth Day channels the energy of many individuals and companies to make sure that change is going to be for the better!

Many businesses, like ePromos, wish to use the coverage surrounding the day to launch sustainable and environmentally-friendly initiatives, such as Earth Day giveaways with eco-friendly promotional items.

While we all know that a commitment to sustainability goes beyond going green one day a year, Earth Day is the perfect opportunity to remind customers, coworkers and community of your commitment to the cause through Earth Day promotions. Here are 20 creative Earth Day giveaway ideas for your company to share your concern for the environment.

Inspiring Earth Day giveaway ideas and products for your customers, community, company and coworkers.


1. Create a team to lead the company’s eco-efforts and determine where you can have the biggest impact for the least amount of money. As a thank you gift for this team’s dedication, and as a great Earth Day giveaway, give them a memorable eco promotional item to save, a globe-shaped bank with your company’s Earth Day Mission imprinted on the bank.

2. Do you have a small team of employees? Consider branding your team members in reflective gear and Adopt-A-Highway! It’s a great time to strengthen relationships within teams while doing something good for the earth – and, the added bonus is that your organization’s name gets exposure within the community!

3. Share your company’s green tactics on social media so your community knows you are eco-aware. For Facebook followers who “like” your Earth Day intelligence, give away a fun and goofy globe pen that reminds “social likes” to keep our planet clean. Online business can share green tips on their website and incorporate their own products and services into those tips. Now more than ever, these tips will be appreciated and used at home, while the majority of the workforce is remote.

4. Choose an eco-friendly activity or a project for your company that can be repeated year after year. Lock up the paper coffee mugs for a week or month and replace them with branded mugs they’ll wash and use throughout that time period. Or maybe set up group walks during lunchtime to just smell the fresh air and catch up with co-workers. The point is, get the company to recognize Earth Day and participate in the initiative in some way.

5. Is your company primarily an online one? Add some festive Earth Day elements to the branding on your website and social media profiles for the day or days leading up to Earth Day to show your support.

6. For inside the office: purchase sensor lights for breakrooms and conference rooms and request that your cleaning company use environmentally friendly, non-toxic cleaning supplies. Most importantly for companies: have fun celebrating Earth Day!


7. For considerable exposure and publicity, your company can initiate a “Green Award” for customers making big strides to improve our planet. Highlight their efforts in an Earth Day press release and give them a gift engraved with your logo. Really want to make an impression? This Globe Award is a special one. For the runners up: custom planters to grow their own herbs either at home or at the office.

8. During the week before Earth Day, advertise a brown bag lunch and learn session around how individuals can play a significant role in protecting our world. Your company can also rollout internal recycling programs during this time. Attendees should be presented with a gift of participation. May we suggest a reusable lunch tote!

9. Instead of offering discounts on your products and services, add value to their transaction by offering a gift with purchase. Promote Earth’s wellness using an Earth Day giveaway consisting of seeds and a planter to grow flowers and herbs; a promotional gift that has longevity AND it’s good for the earth.

10. Kids are the perfect Earth Day target audience for your company, and their parents tend to tag along. Looking for a great Earth Day activity for kids? Order these notebooks made of apple peels (they smell like it too!) and invite the children of customers to create a story (with illustrations of course) about Earth Day. Consider also providing logoed crayons and complimentary adult coloring books to say thank you. These items can easily be sent in a direct mail campaign home, for a parent/kid activity that you can post on social to increase brand awareness.

11. A simple reminder for customers to unplug appliances will go a long way ecologically speaking. Many individuals don’t know that appliances still draw power, even when not in use. Or, encourage them to use a “smart” power strip that senses when appliances are off and cuts “phantom” or “vampire” energy use. Always encourage customers to get outside for some fresh air! Go for a hike, toss around a beach ball at the pool, or play some disc golf and give them a start with a customized flyer!


12. Put collection jars, imprinted with your company’s Earth Day symbol, throughout your office. Proceeds from the jars can be donated to an environmental foundation in honor of Earth Day. Make sure your customer sees one of your donation jars to give them an opportunity to contribute to a great cause.

13. Water is vital and so is your team. Staying hydrated is important, but bottled water is not the answer. Gift your coworkers with compostable mugs, reusable tumblers and sports water bottles to quench their thirst and to save the environment. In addition, consider purchasing a water cooler.

14. A final note for your coworkers: use a recycled sticky note clipped to a recycled pen with your company’s logo to remind them to shut down their computers at the end of the day, turn off the water faucet while scrubbing their hands, refrain from using personal heaters and fans in their offices and turn off workstation lights when not in use.


15. Touch your community in other ways including planting trees, lobbying your local government to increase spending on sidewalks and bike lanes to use for “green” transportation, and publicly challenge other businesses to incorporate eco-friendly business practices. Have them join the endeavor by sending them a Sunflower-in-a-Can. Announce the contest and rules with a full-color imprint right on the can.

16. Connect with the community by sponsoring a recycling drive. This event will give your entire community a chance to properly dispose of old computers, electronics and more.

17. Showcase your commitment to a healthy planet by publishing your paperless policy and handing out a real tree keychain. This simple gesture will let the community know your company is striving to go as paperless as possible. Going totally paperless may not be reasonable, but that doesn’t mean you can’t reduce the amount of paper your company uses by simply using both sides of every sheet of paper.

18. Earth Day 5k races, parades and community cleanup activities – your company’s participation in these events will speak volumes about your commitment to the environment. So, gather your team, give them Earth Day themed apparel and head to the starting line to run or go to the park and pick up trash. Feel free to invite your top customers to join in these efforts. Videotape these adventures and save the footage. For Earth Day, create a video using that footage and share on social media. You could call enough attention to your company to sustain your business for the rest of the year. What a great way to get your brand in front of local customers!

19. Want to really impress your community? Promote your company’s Earth Day promotions on postcards printed on biodegradable seed paper that grows plants. The key is to creatively showcase both your business and your environmental efforts.

20. Your Earth Day efforts don’t have to be expensive to be effective. Giving away cost-conscious items like reusable tote bags, water bottles and plastic bags is always a good idea. ePromos has more ideas to reflect your environmental responsibility. Your company can educate consumers on the impact one can make with earth-aware choices made on a day-to-day basis. Call a Brand Consultant to discover exceptional Earth Day giveaway ideas, fun office tips, merchandise made of recyclable materials and Earth Day items that can be sent in 24 hours.

Earth Day is only one day, yet the challenges of climate change and diminishing natural resources are our responsibility throughout the year. Business owners have a unique opportunity to take a dedicated stance on sustainability and engage others about environmental causes through Earth Day giveaways. While some of these trips may be tricky this year due to the climate we’re in , don’t lose sight of the big picture. Create a strategy that can showcase your commitment to the Earth virtually, that will still make an impact. Call us, the Promo Know-How People and plan for your company’s Earth Day Promotions now!

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Plan Ahead: Earth Day is 1 Month Away!

With Earth Day a little more than one month away (April 22nd, 2012), it’s time to start thinking green! Using eco-friendly promotional products benefits the earth by reducing the amount of resources that go into manufacturing your products. Not only will you get some good karma, but you’ll also get the attention of any eco-conscious consumers looking to do business with socially responsible companies. Plus, since many eco-friendly items are reusable, your imprinted message lasts longer than it would with traditional marketing mediums. Here are three green items that are perfect for an Earth Day promotion:

Recycled Non-woven Tote Bag. This legendary promo product gets an eco twist with a sustainable re-design that uses 100% recycled material. You get all of the benefits of a typical custom tote bag – convenience, usefuless, and big potential for brand exposure – as well as the green benefits of advertising with a recycled product. This versatile promo is a practical and affordable eco-friendly corporate gift idea.

Biodegradable Translucent Water Bottle. Build up your brand’s impact without impacting the environment thanks to this biodegradable water bottle. It’s extremely durable, BPA-free, and reusable, so it will see plenty of use and reduce the consumption of disposable plastic bottles. It can also be recycled at any facilities that process #1 recyclables, which are typically turned into items like fleece clothing, fiber, tote bags, bottles, furniture, and carpet.

Recycled Paper Barrel Pen. This promotional pen features a natural-looking recycled paper barrel which cuts down on the amount of plastic used to make it. It’s a click-action ballpoint pen with black ink that has the same long-lasting shelf life of similar pens, yet this one gives off a distinct eco-friendly vibe that will give customers a feel for what type of business you are. At under $0.75 each, it’s also a cost-effective option for any business that’s trying to make the switch to more sustainable advertising practices. Great for internal office use or tradeshow giveaways.