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Fringe Benefits: Promotional Products as Web Advertising

I’ve touched on this before, but over the past couple days I noticed a couple great examples (below) of happy promotional products recipients taking photos of the schwag they received and posting them on flickr. Both examples are Creative Commons promos, a sticker and an ornament. The primary goal of most promotional products is to increase brand awareness by exposing the recipient (and others) to an organization’s logo and message. Typically this happens when someone uses, wears or looks at the promotional product. Another marketing benefit, potentially overlooked, is when that physical product turns into advertising in other media, such as blogs or a photo community like flickr (and no promos get photographed and added to flickr as much as flickr promos). So make sure your promos are blogworthy and photo-ready, and you may get some extra marketing from them. Best of all, it’s free, and even marketers love free stuff.

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The Benefits of Being flickr

One of the cool things about being flicker is that people will take cool photos of your promotional products and post them online. Like this:

flickr-meetup stuff

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