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Thrifty Brits Save Almost 7 Billion Pounds with Promos

According to a recent survey, taking advantage of promos has saved big bucks, er, pounds, for folks in the UK. From Life Style Extra:

Thrifty Brits save themselves a whopping 」6.9 billion a year by taking advantage of promotional giveaways, according to a survey.

From free bikinis and flip-flops given away with magazines to coupons for free coffees and cinema tickets, our love of a good freebie saves each of us an average 」150 a year, the research claims.


Promo World News: Zimbabawe

According to allAfrica.com promotional freebies are disappearing from shareholder meetings throughout the country:

“As most Zimbabwean public companies in 2006 embark on cost-reduction measures to remain afloat gone are the days when shareholders would be pampered with bags filled with gifts at Annual General Meetings (AGMs). Most companies have simply dropped off handing out free gifts (often referred to as “freebies”) leaving scores of shareholders fuming and feeling companies are treating them like disused property.”


Getting Ready to Go Back to School at the Teacher’s Convention

Sure, it’s the middle of summer, but that doesn’t stop teachers (and perhaps tired parents) from thinking about back to school time. Last week, the teachers went to the National Education Association’s convention in Orange County to try out new products from hand sanitizer to shoes to books and school supplies. But what do teachers like best about these conventions? The Orlando Sentinel got a candid response from one attendee:

“Nearby, at the end of a row of vendors, an exhausted Nancy Wright, an elementary school music teacher from Gas City, Ind., sat on a book carrier she just bought and several bags of promotional items.

When asked what she liked about the convention, she piped up, “freebies.”

And then, she added, the networking and camaraderie with fellow teachers.”