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How to Keep Restaurant Patrons Engaged as You Reopen

Before the current COVID-19 pandemic, 20% of U.S. consumers reported eating out at least once a week. In 2019, over one million U.S. restaurants employed approximately 15.3 million workers.

The national lockdown severely impacted the restaurant industry and has threatened the survival of even the biggest and most popular chains. For those that have made it through, the process of reopening safely brings even more challenges.

Of course, the virus that causes COVID-19 hasn’t gone away, and any restaurant or bar that wants to reopen will need to do so responsibly. But while it may seem like distancing and isolating measures hamper the very level of social engagement that makes dining out a pleasurable activity for many people, there are ways to engage your clientele while still adhering to safety recommendations and making dining out a fun, enjoyable experience.

Reopening Phases for Restaurants and Bars

As the country and the world begin the process of resuming business as usual, government and healthcare officials are stressing the importance of proceeding slowly, step by step, instead of rushing to resume full-service dining as it existed before the lockdown began. It’s important to remember the risk of infection still exists, and it’s incumbent on every business to moderate that risk for itself, its employees, and its clientele.

Additionally, the Centers for Disease Control have released new, more detailed guidelines for the phased reopening of dining establishments and bars. These guidelines establish existing levels of risk for the resumption of various levels of food and drink service. For example, curbside pickup and delivery still remain relatively low risk, while outdoor dining carries an additional level of risk but less so than indoor seating options.

This doesn’t mean, however, that dining out can’t still be fun and enjoyable for your customers and your staff. One way to increase engagement during the current pandemic is with promotional products that can help your restaurant or bar create the atmosphere your patrons miss, even if dining out today is a little different than it used to be.

Fun Floor Decals
Social Distance Floor Decals

Help encourage safe distancing (and help your employees enforce those guidelines) with fun floor decals that guide patrons to stay six feet apart while waiting in lines for service. Printed directions should be clear and succinct but can also include a little humor or human interest to help entertain your customers in a way that’s friendly and relatable while they wait.

For dining establishments that anticipate longer lines and directional control issues, try road-sign-shaped decals such as this “one way” diamond with a directional arrow or this rectangular one-way arrow decal to help your customers find their way safely through the ordering and pickup process.

Outdoor Signs and Flags

Promote your restaurant or bar with attractive, festive outdoor flags and signs. For example, these large feather flags can be customized with a full-color imprint to proudly display your own branding and are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

Or use this classic standing A-frame sign to announce your specials, unique events, or themes along with your branding. With a molded handle for easier handling and water ballast to keep it secure outside, this frame holds two signs with full-color digital graphics, printed with UV-resistant inks.

Games and Other Printed Materials
Disposable coasters with field goal cut out makes for great entertainment

To keep your customers engaged while dining outside with more distance, add a mix of promotional products that help announce your brand and entertain your diners at the same time. For instance, use these disposable printed coasters to promote your brand, specials, or events. Add simple tabletop games, like a pocket sudoku game or this mini-cornhole game (sanitized, of course) so your customers will have something to do while waiting for orders or delivery of their meals. The addition of germ-free tools for diners can help add an extra level of safety, too.

And don’t forget your employees. Give them germ-free disposable branded pens for order taking, then they can tell their customers “keep the pen!” when they pay the bill. Finally, consider having a supply of hand sanitizer in small bottles on hand to give out to customers. It’s a great way to show you care about them and their well-being as they return to patronize your business.

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Subaru Targets Off-Road Customers With A Special Custom Dartboard

Take a look at this cool custom dartboard that was sent as a gift to select owners of Subaru’s off-road vehicles. The dartboard is designed to look like the topographic contour lines of a mountain, with each elevation indicating a new scoring section. The peak of the mountain is the board’s bullseye, and it’s imprinted with the tagline “Target the top!” Each board also comes with a trio of darts emblazoned with the Subaru logo.

This promotional game does a great job of catering to an adventurous off-roading audience with a design they can relate to, and it shows that the Subaru brand is all about having fun. Plus, since the gift is so unique and targeted, customers get the impression that they are working with a company that really understands them and their all-wheel-drive lifestyle!

But it’s not only existing customers that Subaru is targeting with this gift. This is exactly the kind of fun, interesting thing that people love to hang in their homes and offices, so you know Subaru is getting plenty of brand exposure. It also goes to show that custom corporate gifts continue to be an excellent way to strengthen relationships between a brand and its consumers. With a little creativity, it’s easy to find something targeted and relevant to your audience, instead of relying on generic TV, radio, or print promotions.

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Corona Engages Consumers With Clever Packaging

The beer and alcohol industry is a tough place to make a name for yourself. With millions of dollars being spent on advertising and branding each year, sometimes it’s the little things that set you apart from competitors.

Corona recently came up with a clever promotional packaging idea that engages customers and reinforces the company’s playful and fun brand image: Instead of wasting the valuable space on their six-pack packaging, Corona transformed the box into a board game! Bottle caps are used as game pieces, and the dice and game cards are downloaded by scanning the QR code on the game board (which is one of the most creative uses of QR codes I’ve seen).

This promotional game shows that Corona “isn’t just another boring beer company”, and encourages consumers to socialize and have fun while using their products. With almost no additional cost, Corona has managed to turn their packaging into an attention-grabbing marketing tool that also drives sales of their product – not too shabby!