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Need Golf Giveaways? Think Beyond Golf-Themed Promos.

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When you think about golf giveaways, the tried-and-true promos likely come to mind: golf balls, tees, towels.

These are all great. They’re useful, effective, and right in line with a golf event. You can’t go wrong with golf-themed swag at a golf event. It just fits.

But here’s a new idea for you: custom sports bottles.

These may not be par-for-the-course promos when it comes to golf events, but they work. They’re something different from the expected giveaway. Sports bottles stand out and get your brand remembered.

People always appreciate receiving something they can use, and sports bottles are one of those items that are so convenient to have on hand.

Custom Sports Bottles On The Course

Our client, John Ryff, General Manager for Ormond Beach, Florida-based American Electronic Components, Inc., decided to take a swing with custom sports bottles, handing out more than 100 at a March of Dimes Golf Scramble.

For Ryff, whose company was an event sponsor, sports bottles just made sense for the tournament. Here’s why the promotional giveaways worked:

custom sports bottle
1. The water bottles were perceived as thoughtful gifts.

Presentation matters. Recipients should feel like they’re getting something special – not just being handed a freebie. Ryff placed his company’s logo sports bottles in gift bags, which were then positioned on golf carts prior to the event.

2. The sports bottles were functional and visually appealing.

You want your promotional giveaways to serve a purpose and also look good. The vibrant blue aluminum sports bottles Ryff selected immediately catch the eye, and they’re designed with a carabiner for attaching to a golf bag.

“We were very pleased with the item,” Ryff says. “Not only were they of good quality but they were very classy as well.”

3. Golfers appreciated receiving the bottles.

Any time you hand out a custom logo product, you want recipients to be happy receiving it. The sports bottles hit the mark perfectly. “We were approached by many who said the sports bottles were a terrific gift and that they were very pleased with them,” says Ryff.

When it comes to golf events, you’re not limited to golf-specific items.

As long as your promotional giveaways make sense for the event and your brand, take a swing at doing something new. You might just find yourself with a hole-in-one promo.


Golf Season Is Here…Is Your Business Ready?

According to a 2009 study, CEOs who don’t play golf are paid 17% less (on average) than those who do! Golf has long been considered a favorite sport of business professionals, buy why? Julian Small, CEO of Wentworth Golf Club in London, has a few ideas. First, golf is a sport that accommodates players of every age – even frail 65-year old bosses can get it on the action without taking health risks. Secondly, thanks to the handicap system, players at different skill levels can still enjoy competitive matches against each other without embarrassment. The third reason, and maybe the most important, is that golf isn’t exactly the most action-packed sport in the world. This means in a four-hour game, most of the time can be spent talking business, with short breaks to actually, you know – play the game.

Small also thinks that golf can be a good judge of a person’s character. The best players are those who perform well under pressure, stay even-tempered, and think strategically.

With golf season starting to ramp up across the country, your business has the opportunity to reach golf-loving business professionals in the places where they are making their biggest decisions: on the green! Here are a few best-selling promotional golf gifts that span the gamut from budget-friendly to “wow!”

Custom golf tees are great for smaller budgets or companies trying to reach large audiences. This simple accessory is a must-have in any gear bag, and is comparable to giving out inexpensive logo pens in a corporate office environment. They are cheap, useful, and used often. Imprint your company name and contact info so that clients remember your business during every one of their golf outings.
Logo golf towels are a nice mid-range gift for golfers. These towels come with a special hook that allows you to affix the towel to your golf bag where it will be on display all day long. Golf towels are used to clean balls, clubs, and wipe that stray bit of sweat from your forehead during tense matchups. They are available in a variety of colors to match your corporate color scheme, and provide a large space for your logo or marketing message.
For the most important occasions, milestones, and business relationships, you need to pull out the big guns. This custom leather golf shoe bag is guaranteed to wow any true golf fan. This quality gear bag keeps expensive shoes and other accessories in good shape, and it looks great while doing it. Putting your logo on a top-tier golf gift like this one is going to associate with your brand with quality, class, and attention to detail.

For more great promotional golf items, don’t miss our 2012 Top 10 Golf list!