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Glass Etched Wine Bottles – a Personalized Gift & Sophisticated Business...

Have you been looking for something to show customers or partners how much you appreciate their loyalty? Set yourself apart from the competition with etched wine bottles! Anyone can give out a pen or a stress ball, but those trinkets aren’t fit for repeat clients or generous donors. A nice bottle of wine is a sincere gesture that they can enjoy during a special occasion, while the bottle becomes a keepsake.

Our Process

We want to give you the finest quality decorated wine bottles that will be cherished by recipients. Our process is done by hand to provide a deep etching with luxurious texture for a one-of-a-kind design on every bottle. Add one color to create a branded message that catches the eye, or choose a full-color, vibrant design for a beautiful decor piece.

Select from LaTerre Cabernet, LaTerra Chardonnay, Monterey Cristal Champagne, and sparkling cider. For spirit or wine enthusiasts wanting a different selection, we invite you to work with one of our brand consultants to create a custom order.

Etched Promotional Wine Bottle - LaTerre Chardonnay - 750ml Etched Custom Champagne Bottle - Monterey Cristal Etched Custom Wine Bottle - LaTerre Cabernet - 750ml

Glass Etching On Bar Accessories

Our options don’t stop at wine and liquor bottles. We also have etchable bar accessories and packaging to choose from. Pairing a wine bottle with accessories that display a matching design is the perfect touch to make your business stand out from the pack. One of our brand consultants can help with putting kits together with various items, including some not listed on our site. Start brainstorming ideas with our list of example products below!

Glass Bar Accessories

  • Wine Glasses
  • Stemless Drinkware
  • Stemmed Drinkware
  • Flutes
  • Brandy Tasters
  • Martini Glasses
  • Rocks Glasses
  • Beer Mugs
  • Pilsner Glassware
  • Decanters
  • Wine Carafes
  • Leather Presentation Boxes
  • Wooden Presentation Boxes
  • Glass Front, Wooden Presentation Boxes
  • Glass Wine Holders
  • Glass Wine Stoppers

Customized Wine Bottles as Party Favors

Etched wine bottles go beyond customer appreciation, including gifts for large celebrations. Attendees of weddings, anniversary parties, and corporate holiday parties will appreciate a remembrance bottle of wine to take home with them. You can engrave the date along with a special message that fits the special occasion. Take a look below at some example phrases:

Special Occasion Wine Etching

  • A Special Thank you
  • Thank You for Your Service
  • Happy Birthday
  • Aging Finer Than Wine
  • Season’s Greetings
  • Happy Hanukkah
  • Merry Christmas
  • Happy Holidays from the Private Wine Cellar of (Insert your name)

Increase Business with Etched Wine Bottles

Nothing says “congratulations” quite like a bottle of wine. Many businesses help their clients with major life changes, such as buying a home. Wouldn’t it be a wonderful gesture to show up with an etched bottle of sparkling wine, saying “Best Wishes on Your New Home,” with your logo and business information etched at the closing? They would admire that bottle for years, while their guests would see it proudly displayed every time they come over.

You can also achieve new deals and strike fruitful business relationships by using etched wine bottles as an out of the ordinary sales tactic. Often, if you want to do business with someone the only way to get to them is through their assistant. Sometimes those thoughtful touches are what help you get a foot in the door to land a big contract.

We hope these ideas make doing business and hosting events extra special. To start your etching, design a custom order, or build a unique gift set, give one of our brand consultants a call today at 844-768-0319!

Please Note: Kentucky, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Utah prohibit shipment of alcohol by law. Non-alcoholic wines are available, please contact your Brand Consultant for details.

Our products’ prices include a one color/design imprint in any location. There is a setup charge per color/design. For each additional imprint or color added, an additional per-item charge will be added. The information below breaks out the pricing and available locations.


Thank You, Google Person Finder

In a crisis such as yesterday’s Boston Marathon tragedy, people need information about their loved ones—and they need it fast. With Google Person Finder, they have access to this critical information.

Google built the tool after the 2010 Haiti earthquake. People can use it to search for someone or provide information. If no information is available, users can create a new record. They can also subscribe to status updates on a particular person, and if updated, they’ll receive an e-mail with new details.

Google Person Finder

Currently, Google’s Boston Marathon Person Finder is tracking 5,300 individuals. The tool has been used all over the world to reconnect people in post-disaster situations.

What a remarkable advancement since 9/11. We can’t imagine the horror of being there or desperately seeking the whereabouts of a runner or spectator.

Thank you, Google, for helping people track down their friends and loved ones after such a horrific event.

Boston, our hearts are with you.


Promotional Pins: Google Android Lapel Pins

promotional lapel pins

Is there anything Google isn’t great at?

Every project this company works on is executed at a high-level, and their tradeshow marketing efforts are no exception. At the recent Mobile World Congress event, Google’s collectible custom pins stole the show.

Two Google marketing executives, Doireann Gillan and Anne-Carlijn Reyrink, came up with the brilliant idea. To showcase the global reach of the successful Android OS, 86 commemorative pins were designed to represent the different industries of Android’s official partners.

“Our partners all have different pins, the idea is that if you want to collect them all, you will see all of the companies behind Android,” says Ms. Gillan.

At the event people scrambled to collect as many promotional pins as they could, and proudly displayed their collections on their trade show lanyards and event badges. People bartered, traded, and did what they could to get their hands on pins missing from their collection, and the buzz was strong surrounding rare pins like the Valentine’s Day alien and the Android alien in a test tube.

This is true promotional marketing know-how – take a popular promotional giveaway, and then turn collecting them into a competition by releasing 86 different versions! With such a high level of audience engagement and interaction, its easy to declare this one a resounding success. And with most customized pins priced at less than a buck each, it’s a downright cheap way to bring a flood of consumer and media attention to the brand!

custom trade show pins


Cryptex Is Crypty Times Two

I don’t know how I totally missed this entire promotion, but Google sponsored a tie-in with the release of the movie “The Da Vinci Code” involving “a set of cryptic puzzles, hidden searches, and mind boggling mini games that ran for the past 3 1/2 weeks.” Jason Murphy was one of 10,000 finalists and recieved this rather wicked cool looking cryptex. By dialing in the right word on the cryptex, you can open it and get a secret message that tells you where to go for the next step of the game. This is probably one of the most creative (and most crypty!) custom promos of all time.