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Meet The Pets Of ePromos – Halloween Edition

Yesterday at ePromos, Halloween went to the dogs (and cats). We took full advantage of the chance to adorn our pets in festive costumes and accessories. Get a look for yourself, and meet the pets of ePromos when they’re not dressed in their Halloween best.


Leah Beack’s Charlie the pumpkin



Kara Cinelli’s Cuddy in his Halloween necklace



Jennifer Hansen’s Jade as Frankenstein


Contessa Elise

Sarah Olson’s Contessa Elise in a devilish cape


Erzsebet Bathory

Sarah Olson’s Erzsebet Bathory, a “13-lb. angry black cat rightfully named after the infamous 17th century Blood Countess of Hungary. Needs no costume to be scary.”



Leah Schneider’s Mila the pumpkin



Audrey Sellers’ Professor the ladybug pug



Kathryn Wilson’s Ollie in his Halloween tie





Disney & Kellogg’s: Free Halloween Tote Bag Offer

While doing some grocery shopping yesterday I came across this point of purchase display stocked with Halloween tote bags promoting Disney’s movie Spooky Buddies. With this offer, any customer who purchases two boxes of Kellogg’s cereal receives a free customized tote bag. Note that the display was only 3 or 4 feet high, and it was right next to the sugariest of sugary cereals…I wonder who the target audience was?

promotional tote bags

This offer is a great example of how promotional products can be used as a gift-with-purchase bonus to drive more sales and get more brand exposure. Companies have no problem giving items away for FREE, simply because they know the investment will pay for itself while also delivering more ad impressions.

Kellogg’s and Disney are major brands who have not only realized the importance of marketing partnerships, but also the effectiveness of using giveaways to spark consumer interest in their offers.


Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from ePromos! Right now the pumpkin faces stress ball is the most popular page on our site, although we do have lots of other halloween promos and plenty of candy. Spooky! pumpkin faces