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The Top Promotional Products Trends Of 2016

From custom tote bags, to drinkware, to apparel…there are so many options for promotional merchandise it could literally make your head spin.  While most companies are going to use promo item staples such as bags and pens, you don’t need to be boring.  If you take a look at companies like Google, their promo choices are never boring – ever! If you want to stand out, make a statement and kick your competition to the curb, you have to step up your game.  That is what working with ePromos is all about.


Here is our most recent instalment of top trends to get you noticed and make your competition jealous. Inventors are constantly bringing us the latest concepts in branded giveaways and our merchandisers have their fingers on the pulse of leading-edge promotional products. Here is the Top 10 list shaping the 2016 promotional products landscape.

1. Inflatable Loungers:

You’re probably seeing these brightly colored custom inflatable loungers everywhere.  Also known as breeze bags, wind couches, beach sofas and air chairs. They are a retail sensation and now you can get them with your logo. Talk about impressing your clients. At home loungers are great outdoors or indoors: soccer games, movie nights, video gaming, sleepovers or instant  extra seating that looks cool. Many of our clients are saying recipients love them at the office as a fun piece of extra furniture. Portable, waterproof, durable, and easy…just gather some air, roll up the end and clip – it’s  ready to go in seconds. Unclip, rollup releasing the air and store in the drawstring bag. Your logo goes both on the lounger and the bag for great exposure.  Go make your mark with this trendsetting product.

Instant Inflatable Custom Lounger Bag

Click here to see our video on How to blow up an inflatable lounger.

2. Insulated Tumblers:

Two of the biggest names in drinkware have made a huge impact in retail. Everyone wants one! However, there is no need to spend $30-$50 per tumbler on a Yeti or Swell. ePromos has similar high quality custom tumblers and you don’t have to pay the high price tag for a brand name.  Depending on the drinkware you choose, these less expensive tumblers will also keep ice for more than 24 hours. Vacuum-sealed which means the temperature outside doesn’t conduct through to the liquid inside. Many of our items are sprayed internally with copper for extra insulation. Insulated tumblers have become increasingly popular for coffee and tea, too…keeping beverages hot long after a morning commute. In addition, you don’t have to settle for just the stainless steel color and smooth texture, ePromos brings some style in a wide range of textures and colors to match your company’s identity..

Stainless Steel Copper Insulated Custom Tumblers – 20 oz.

Stainless Steel Copper Insulated Custom Tumblers – 30 oz.

Stainless Steel Double Wall Custom Tumbler – 20 oz.











3. Virtual Reality Goggles:

Virtual Reality Goggles are no longer a product of the future. Today your brand can exist on this futuristic product so anyone can experience VR and transport themselves anywhere in the world. Choose your favorite virtual reality app, slide a smartphone into these goggles (promoting your logo) and transform any cellphone into a virtual reality experience. Promote your brand at a low cost and you can order small quantities to make this cool giveaway even more affordable. 

Cardboard Virtual Reality Custom Goggles

Cardboard Virtual Reality Custom Goggles











4. Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers:

Bluetooth technology is quickly making wired electronics a thing of the past. When customers need a bigger sound from their devices, you can gift  them a quality speaker imprinted with your logo – an item with high perceived value that people will appreciate. Our current selection of custom Bluetooth speakers features over 80 items in a wide variety of shapes with carry-along features such as carabiners, straps, clips or hooks to secure the speaker. We even have multifunction speakers that also serve as chargers and sell from brand names such as Brookstone and OrigAudio.

Waterproof Bluetooth Cube Custom Speakers





5. The Heather Look

One of the most fashionable fabric trends this year has been heathered items. Traditionally custom apparel was the only promotional product where you found heather looks. Now this fashion favorite look of heather can be found in portfolios, lanyards, totes, caps, duffel bags and more. And, you’ll find colors beyond the traditional heather gray, we are using many base colors interwoven with white thread to produce muted shades to match your logo. Look for these hot new items at ePromos.com.

Striped Heather Custom Tote Bag – 18.25″w x 13.75″h x 4.25″d

Heathered Custom Lanyards w/Metal Crimp & Split Ring – .75″w

New Era Heather Melton Wool Unstructured Custom Caps









6. Drones

Remote Control Flying Drone Custom Toys

The newest and coolest trend up there, literally is Remote Control Flying Drones. You’ll be making a difference with your logo on a promotional drone that you know is going straight home and creating backyard bonding with the family. Gifts that allow for family bonding are always effective. Drones will be the main attraction as the top prize at any tradeshow booth – talk about a conversation starter! Giving a drone as a gift will be an effective advertising tool as well as keeping recipients buzzing while your brand is taken to new heights.





7. Fitness Bracelets

Personal fitness trackers are on the shelf at stores everywhere. ePromos offers brand name Fitbits with your logo and fortunately, we also have activity trackers  at much lower prices so you can get your name on recipient’s wrist daily! Imagine your logo on the trendiest fitness technology in the industry. These fitness-aware devices not only keep time, track distances and display calories burned, these good health promoters will show your company cares about wellness. Jump on this trend to make your business stand out from the rest.

Activity Tracker Custom Wristband w/ Clock



8. Mobile Chargers

Cell Phone Custom Chargers Accessory Kit

Today, cellphone battery life is a lifeline. Whether it’s personal or business, people rely on cell phones every day…so you can bet your audience will find a cool charger imprinted with your brand very useful. ePromos suggests this custom charging kit to show your clients you are there for them. The kit includes a USB car charger, a USB wall charger and 3-in-1 charging cables. At 2.1 amps of power these work with tablets and charge smartphones twice as fast as typical 1 amp chargers. That’s power at clients’ fingertips…and your brand is there, associated with being a lifesaver too!



9. Selfie Sticks

Yes, Selfie Sticks are still hot! Reach out to your customers and promote an easier way to take a selfie. Favorite moments will be captured while you promote your brand with an ePromos customized selfie stick. Travel with your audience and capture the good times with the perfect picture…your logo is alongside the fun too!

10. City Style Totes

The conservation movement is huge right now in the world but many bags lack style. Handing out an ePromos custom RuMe Tote Bag with your logo provides a high fashion on trend item that is practical and eco friendly. shows your company is environmentally aware. Customers opting for green-friendly commuting need an on-the-go carrying solution will love this bag! Imagine a lightweight bag that can fold up to fit in the palm of your hand, and is. But this durable enough to tote expands and can hold up to 50 pounds! Useful every day and ready to carry almost anything…anywhere. Here’s a link to many other on trend styles:

RuMe Classic Medium Custom Tote Bags – 15.5″w x 15.5″h x 4″d












Glass Etched Wine Bottles – a Personalized Gift & Sophisticated Business...

Have you been looking for something to show customers or partners how much you appreciate their loyalty? Set yourself apart from the competition with etched wine bottles! Anyone can give out a pen or a stress ball, but those trinkets aren’t fit for repeat clients or generous donors. A nice bottle of wine is a sincere gesture that they can enjoy during a special occasion, while the bottle becomes a keepsake.

Our Process

We want to give you the finest quality decorated wine bottles that will be cherished by recipients. Our process is done by hand to provide a deep etching with luxurious texture for a one-of-a-kind design on every bottle. Add one color to create a branded message that catches the eye, or choose a full-color, vibrant design for a beautiful decor piece.

Select from LaTerre Cabernet, LaTerra Chardonnay, Monterey Cristal Champagne, and sparkling cider. For spirit or wine enthusiasts wanting a different selection, we invite you to work with one of our brand consultants to create a custom order.

Etched Promotional Wine Bottle - LaTerre Chardonnay - 750ml Etched Custom Champagne Bottle - Monterey Cristal Etched Custom Wine Bottle - LaTerre Cabernet - 750ml

Glass Etching On Bar Accessories

Our options don’t stop at wine and liquor bottles. We also have etchable bar accessories and packaging to choose from. Pairing a wine bottle with accessories that display a matching design is the perfect touch to make your business stand out from the pack. One of our brand consultants can help with putting kits together with various items, including some not listed on our site. Start brainstorming ideas with our list of example products below!

Glass Bar Accessories

  • Wine Glasses
  • Stemless Drinkware
  • Stemmed Drinkware
  • Flutes
  • Brandy Tasters
  • Martini Glasses
  • Rocks Glasses
  • Beer Mugs
  • Pilsner Glassware
  • Decanters
  • Wine Carafes
  • Leather Presentation Boxes
  • Wooden Presentation Boxes
  • Glass Front, Wooden Presentation Boxes
  • Glass Wine Holders
  • Glass Wine Stoppers

Customized Wine Bottles as Party Favors

Etched wine bottles go beyond customer appreciation, including gifts for large celebrations. Attendees of weddings, anniversary parties, and corporate holiday parties will appreciate a remembrance bottle of wine to take home with them. You can engrave the date along with a special message that fits the special occasion. Take a look below at some example phrases:

Special Occasion Wine Etching

  • A Special Thank you
  • Thank You for Your Service
  • Happy Birthday
  • Aging Finer Than Wine
  • Season’s Greetings
  • Happy Hanukkah
  • Merry Christmas
  • Happy Holidays from the Private Wine Cellar of (Insert your name)

Increase Business with Etched Wine Bottles

Nothing says “congratulations” quite like a bottle of wine. Many businesses help their clients with major life changes, such as buying a home. Wouldn’t it be a wonderful gesture to show up with an etched bottle of sparkling wine, saying “Best Wishes on Your New Home,” with your logo and business information etched at the closing? They would admire that bottle for years, while their guests would see it proudly displayed every time they come over.

You can also achieve new deals and strike fruitful business relationships by using etched wine bottles as an out of the ordinary sales tactic. Often, if you want to do business with someone the only way to get to them is through their assistant. Sometimes those thoughtful touches are what help you get a foot in the door to land a big contract.

We hope these ideas make doing business and hosting events extra special. To start your etching, design a custom order, or build a unique gift set, give one of our brand consultants a call today at 844-768-0319!

Please Note: Kentucky, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Utah prohibit shipment of alcohol by law. Non-alcoholic wines are available, please contact your Brand Consultant for details.

Our products’ prices include a one color/design imprint in any location. There is a setup charge per color/design. For each additional imprint or color added, an additional per-item charge will be added. The information below breaks out the pricing and available locations.


Four Reasons Promo Products Brighten The Holidays For Your Customers

promo productsPromo products can bring a little merriment into your customers’ lives—and keep them coming back to your business into the New Year.


Because your customers are just like you. They want the best deal on whatever products or services they buy. Gifting them with custom products is a way to cement their loyalty instead of losing them to a competitor.

Here are four reasons to use promotional products this month:

1. They can inspire fun.

Whether you give your customers a custom golf set or promotional wine accessories, you’re setting the stage for a good time. Want your logo to be a part of their happy memories? Give them a custom gift they’ll reach for time and time again.


2. They can tempt the taste buds.

Food is one of the best parts of the holidays, so delight your customers with gourmet custom food gifts. From rich promotional chocolate and decadent custom brownies to savory nuts and crunchy popcorn, food is comforting and it’s appreciated.


3. They can bring cheer to the workspace.

The desktop is a coveted spot for promo items, so give customers something colorful and bright that they can use on the job. Imprinted products such as pens, notepads and desk sets are useful and help create a cheerful association to your company.


4. They can warm up wintry days.

Jack Frost is no match to cozy custom gifts such as luxurious blankets, warm fleece jackets or trendy beanies. These are gifts your customers can use right away, and they’ll have you to thank for keeping cozy and warm in frosty weather.


Promo know-how tip:

Do you know what holiday your customers celebrate? You can send the appropriate gift for the occasion or keep your promo items nonspecific so they’re suitable for any holiday.  


Top Five Reasons To Give Corporate Holiday Gifts

corporate holiday gifts

With the holidays fast approaching, ’tis the season to think about corporate holiday gifts. They’re one of the most effective ways to polish your company’s image and earn your customers’ loyalty going into the New Year.

Plus, your clients, associates and business partners are likely expecting at least a little something from you. If they’ve worked with you all year, the gesture of a business holiday gift shows you value the relationship—you’re not just in it for your benefit.

When you give corporate holiday gifts, you …

1. Make your business stand out.

Think your customers won’t take note if you send them a luxurious embroidered blanket or a ribbon-tied box of gourmet brownies? Oh, they’ll notice. And what’s great about business holiday gifts is that it doesn’t matter what the gift is, as long as it’s thoughtfully selected. Whether you give something sparkly or sumptuous, exciting or elegant, your customers won’t forget it.


2. Highlight your company’s core values.

What’s at the heart of your company: ingenuity, tradition, forward-thinking, a commitment to quality? Your corporate holiday gifts can express these values in a tangible way. When you give your clients a meaningful, carefully selected gift, it leaves a lasting impression on them and speaks volumes about your business.


3. Show your appreciation.

Business holiday gifts aren’t about blasting your brand to recipients—they’re about expressing your gratitude for their business. Your company wouldn’t exist without your customers, so say thanks with personalized gifts. Consider your audience and give them something they’ll be genuinely happy to receive.


4. Strengthen your brand.

Business holiday gifts are a win-win: you’re gifting something special to your audience, and you’re getting your name out there, too. Just keep it subtle with your branding so your gift doesn’t seem insincere. Try using a tone-on-tone imprint or color scheme that coordinates with your logo for more understated branding.


5. Solidify your business relationships.

Start the New Year off on the right foot with your valued customers by giving them well-chosen corporate holiday gifts. It shows that their business is important to you and that you’re committed to working with them in the coming year. The key is to choose something special—you don’t want to select promotional items you normally give. This is the time of year to wow them.


The holidays can be a magical time of year for your marketing and your brand when you give corporate holiday gifts. Whether you aim to impress or you simply want to send season’s greetings, your audience will appreciate the gesture, and you’ll be establishing an emotional bond that will last long into the New Year.


Promo know-how tip:

Make your holiday gift budget go further by segmenting your audience into groups and sending gifts based on the level of the business relationship. 


Top 10 Corporate Gifts

Gift-giving season is drawing near, and it’s time to think festive! But forget the mistletoe and eggnog—we’re cranking up the jolly with our newly released Holiday Favorites catalog. We hand-picked 29 fresh, innovative products that are sure to make your customers’, partners’ and employees’ eyes light up.

That’s not all.

Every year, we bring you the top 10 best corporate gifts. You can find them spotlighted in the catalog and also right here on the ePromos blog. Sheila Johnshoy, our Vice President of Marketing, says this year’s collection has something for everybody.

“This year’s list includes not only traditional gifts, but also brand new items that showcase some of the emerging trends in business and technology,” she says. “The 2012 list features a range of price points from low to top-tier, and represents all of the best-selling product categories. Gift recipients are going to love these items, and companies are going to create a lot of long-standing brand awareness and goodwill.”

Presenting the top 10 corporate gifts of 2012:

promotional gift tower1. Executive sweets promotional gift tower. Recipients will love opening this faux leather box and finding a decadent collection of French chocolate truffles dusted in cocoa powder. When the treats are gone, your logo remains—the box is perfect for stashing paperclips, jewelry or loose change.





custom embroidered jacket

2. Custom embroidered jacket. Keep your clients stylishly warm in this custom softshell jacket. Made with a breathable membrane and waterproof finish, it’s perfect for the outdoor enthusiasts on your list. It’s also offered in a coordinating women’s version.






custom golf divot tool

3. Custom switch blade divot tool. Golfers will be reminded of your organization each time they reach for this high-quality European gift. A stainless steel construction means it’ll last round after round.






promotional charging station

4. Promotional charging station. This tech-savvy gift allows recipients to recharge up to four devices simultaneously. An auto-detect smart charge allows for an optimum power supply to adequately charge iOs devices.






travel promotional tote bag

5. Travel promotional tote bag. Get your brand big-time exposure all over the globe with this custom bag. Travelers will appreciate the easy magnetic closure and thick double straps. It’s fashionable in black microfiber with a luxurious quilted stitch pattern.






shimmer ballpoint stylus pen

6. Shimmer ballpoint stylus combo pen. The ladies on your list will love the sparkly CZ crystals, pearl finish and silver accents on this promotional stylus and pen combo. It makes a luxe gift that keeps your company name visible with each use.






mirco mink sherpa embroidered blanket

7. Micro mink Sherpa embroidered blanket. A luxuriously cozy gift, this custom embroidered blanket is super-soft micro mink on one side and faux lamb’s wool on the other. Choose from a lovely selection of rich colors to complement your logo.






security-friendly promotional messenger bag

8. Security-friendly promotional messenger bag. Frequent flyers will appreciate the stylish functionality of this posh promotional bag. It includes a removable, TSA-friendly padded laptop sleeve, and it’s designed with antique nickel hardware and leather handles.






bamboo promotional cutting board

9. Bamboo promotional cutting board. Give a greener gift for the kitchen with this chic bamboo cutting board. Made from bamboo, it’s durable, water repellant and easy to maintain. A stainless steel handle makes for simple handling.






wireless Bluetooth custom speaker

10. Wireless Bluetooth custom speaker. A great way to show appreciation, this promotional speaker is compatible with Bluetooth-enabled devices and gives a larger voice to music, movies and games. It’s packaged in a Brookstone retail box.






Promo know-how tip: A cash gift gets spent and forgotten, but a customized gift sticks around—possibly for years. Make the holidays brighter for your customers, partners and employees with a personalized gift. We can create almost anything you can dream of through our talented custom sourcing team, so give us a call to get started on your custom holiday gifts.


The Power of Personalization

One of the biggest benefits of promotional products is the incredible opportunity for personalization. Every marketer wants to be able to fine-tune their message for targeted audiences, and custom logo merchandise lets you do exactly that. A personalized marketing message speaks directly to your client, while “one size fits all” messages are easily ignored.

Personalizing your message starts with product selection, but it doesn’t end there. For example, you can fine-tune your execution and delivery by including your customers’ names directly on the product. Items that are personalized to this extent are unique, memorable, and more likely to be kept and used for a long time.

Mike Linderman, former chairman of the Promotional Products Association International, put it very simply when he said: “People like seeing their own name above all else.”

Personalization is even more important when giving business gifts during the holiday season, a gesture that should never come across as impersonal or forced. Keep this lesson in mind as you shop for holiday business gifts this year!