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The Icevertising Cometh

It seems like only yesterday that someone invented foamvertising using modified snow blowing machines, and now the new icevertising age is about to begin. Below is a new device that can make perfectly spherical logo ice cubes without time-consuming manual chipping. Basically, you can take a regular ice cube, put it in the mold and it melts into a perfect sphere, or soon I imagine, an icy logo. The machine exists because in Japan, serious connoisseurs of drinks on the rocks prefer spheres because, having less surface area, they melt more slowly.

More info at Trends in Japan, where they said this: “Contrary to what you might think, bartenders in Japan consistently take home top honors at global competitions, not because of their flashy antics or strange new concoctions but because there is an intense devotion to making simply the best drink, of which perfect ice is an obvious component.”