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Promo Products Give Tradeshow Booths A Cohesive Look

When used appropriately at tradeshows, promotional products can not only gain visibility for your logo—they can help enhance the overall look and feel of your booth.

tradeshow booth

At IRCE 2012, the world’s largest e-commerce show, Volusion, a company that provides e-commerce software, had a knockout booth with strategically placed promotional items and a stylish design.

With upscale touches such as flooring that resembled hardwood and promotional products in a consistent color scheme of vibrant orange, blue and white, the Volusion booth was attractive and inviting to tradeshow attendees.

“We wanted our booth to be clean, modern, friendly and simple,” says Adelle Rodriguez, marketing event coordinator for Volusion. “We strive to find the beauty in simplicity, and we wanted people to easily see who we are and what we do.”

coffee table

Jason Robbins, ePromos’ CEO, loved the sophisticated booth design—especially the trendy couches and coffee table. It was a nice nook where Volusion staffers could talk business with interested booth visitors.

Set atop the coffee table were dishes containing business cards and a big bowl of custom sunglasses. There were also custom notebooks paired with promotional felt-tip pens. On the table’s lower shelf were folded promotional t-shirts that featured a tie-shaped design.

custom bottles

Rodriguez distributed hundreds of each of the custom items, but the most popular, she says, were the custom Nalgene bottles and custom notebook and pen combo.

“People were excited about the Nalgene water bottles because they’re just really nice bottles,” says Rodriguez. “And they were excited about the small, cute notebooks because they were easy to take to education sessions.”

Designer touches in the booth and interesting promotional products helped make IRCE a stunning success for Volusion.

“It was a great show for us,” Rodriguez says. “People were really excited about our software and having quality giveaways always helps.”

CEO Jason’s promo know-how pointer: “Choose promotional products that will enhance the overall look of your booth, as Volusion has done. Its booth is colorful and clean, just like its website. Our friend Adelle Rodriquez, Marketing Event Coordinator, has got it going on. Way to go Adelle … you had one of the best-looking booths in all of IRCE!”


Custom Products And Apparel Work Beyond The Tradeshow Booth

Staffers in your tradeshow booth should wear custom apparel—it creates a unified look, and it’s one more way to keep your logo visible. Plus, there’s a hidden perk to custom apparel: It gets seen everywhere.

The same thing goes for custom products—whether you give employees custom backpacks or custom caps. Your logo and company name get seen wherever your employees go during the day; they don’t have to be in your booth to advertise your company.

custom backpack

Shopatron, a provider of retailer-integrated e-commerce solutions, was smart to provide employees with custom shirts and custom backpacks. You can’t help but notice its bright orange logo on a crisp white shirt or backpack.

custom apparel

ePromos’ CEO, Jason Robbins, spotted this group of Shopatron staffers on an escalator at IRCE 2012, the world’s largest e-commerce show. Jason wasn’t anywhere near their booth, and yet he was exposed to the company’s logo.

It’s proof that custom products and custom apparel continue to advertise your logo—even when your tradeshow booth is nowhere in sight.















CEO Jason’s promo know-how pointer: “The value of wearing logo merchandise extends far past looking good in your booth. Make sure your employees wear custom apparel , and while you’re at it, give ’em promotional backpacks, too.”