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Kick Start Your Event With Promotional Collectibles

At this week’s Jazz Fest in New Orleans, you won’t just find Cajun cooking and soulful beats—you’ll also spot a menagerie of promotional apparel and promotional items.

Festival goers can snag BayouWear®—including aprons, skirts and shirts—as a colorful keepsake from the event.

They can also get their hands on promotional items such as 2012 Jazz Fest posters and vintage posters from past events.

Sure, these promotional gifts help re-enforce the Jazz Fest brand, but they’re also coveted collectibles. Promotional items bring the experience full circle by providing attendees with a tangible reminder of good times. These products make patrons want to return year after year to get the latest collectibles, and they help form an emotional tie to the event.

The Jazz Fest brand gets seen and remembered long after the last trumpet solo—and it’s all thanks to some well-chosen promotional products.

Oh, and some mighty fine po-boys.

Promo know-how tip: Promotional apparel isn’t just for attendees; remember to include event staff. They’re your brand ambassadors, so they need a spiffy, unified look with promotional dress shirts, vests, hats or aprons.