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Rev Up Your Branding

We love spotting promotional products in use, so we got all paparazzi on this fellow today in New York City.

Check out his logoed backpack and hat—they’re branded with the Smithfield Foods logo and #43 for Smithfield’s sponsorship of NASCAR’s #43 Ford Fusion.

Either this guy loves spiral-sliced ham and the Sprint Cup Series, or he’s a Smithfield staffer who’s proud to show off his company’s brand.

We’re thinking it’s the latter.

That’s the power of promotional products—you don’t have to sponsor a NASCAR driver to get your employees or customers excited about your brand. If you really want to rev up your branding, high-quality, attractive and functional promotional products are the way to do it.

Promo know-how tip: Explore beyond traditional office items for your employees, as Smithfield has done with this sporty Nike backpack and cap. Think about it like this: You want the recipient to be proud to use or wear your logoed gift, so give ’em something good.


Logos and Artwork: Raster vs. Vector

Not Just Pretty, a small-business branding blog just posted a nice explanation of raster vs. vector art as it applies to logos and other artwork used for imprinting promotional items. I would like to offer one small correction: even relatively low resolution pixel art is often okay for embroidery because a) embroidery is low resolution by definition, and b) embroiderers actually create a digital file specifically for embroidery that creates a stitch pattern, and the embroidery digitization can be done from most file types. Check out our imprinted product selection tips for more advice on logos and imprinting.