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McCain Goes Green with Eco-friendly Promo Items

Who’da thunk it? John McCain ends up being the first major candidate to add an entire eco-friendly section to his campaign store. Sure, Ralph Nader has an organic baseball cap, but he’s less a candidate than just a confused guy. Obama may have cooler-looking products, and it looks like many of his promo items are union made or union printed in the USA, but I really don’t see anything eco-friendly in his store. And in the Hillary Store? Nothing eco as far as I can tell, but everything will probably be on sale soon!

Seriously though, I think it’s a smart idea for McCain, especially as he’s staking out a position on carbon emissions that differs from Bush’s. I think it would also be a smart idea for other candidates, particularly anyone who has environmental positions that are more eco-friendly than McCain’s. There’s certainly no shortage of eco-friendly promos to choose from!

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