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Promotional Ice Cream: Blitzburgh Crunch!

I was doing some grocery shopping last night when this interesting promotional food product caught my eye. At ePromos, we do everything from promotional popcorn to custom chocolate.

I live in central Pennsylvania, and as you might expect most of the state is going crazy about the Steelers’ 8th Super Bowl appearance. Well it looks like Turkey Hill found a way to capitalize on the buzz and excitement surrounding the big game with a special edition ice cream flavor – Blitzburgh Crunch.

promotional food item

According to the Turkey Hill web site, Blitzburgh Crunch is “sweet cream vanilla ice cream (uniquely shaded in Steelers’ gold) with chocolate cake crunchies and crunchy chocolate cookie swirl.”

As you can see, Turkey Hill isn’t exactly blazing new trails in the flavor department – but they are doing a great job of working with the promotional opportunities available to them. This product is all about using eye-catching branding designed for a specific targeted audience and specific period of time.

The lesson here is: If you’re trying to boost sales, don’t reinvent the wheel. Work instead to identify high-visibility promotional opportunities (like the Super Bowl) that can draw some natural attention to your brand with a relevant tie-in.

custom ice cream

There are tons of these types of opportunities out there, and a good marketer never lets them go to waste!


The NFL’s Crucial Catch To Fight Cancer


Updated October 1, 2018

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The NFL reimagines its October Cancer Awareness Campaign

For eight seasons the NFL was one of the most visible supporters of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Every October from coast to coast, fields were packed with players donning pink gear from gloves to cleats to patches. Players shared their stories of mothers, wives, sisters and friends overcoming incredible odds to beat breast cancer head-on. They touted education. They shared resources for early intervention and free screenings. They used their voices and their access to tens of millions of viewers week after week to get the word out.

And it didn’t go unnoticed. The league raised more than $15 million for the American Cancer Society (ACS) during this eight-year period, through merchandise sales, corporate contributions and auctions.

While the NFL ended its “Think Pink” campaign with the 2016 season, it doesn’t mean the league’s commitment to a cure has gone by the wayside. During the 2017 season, the NFL shifted focus to a new program “A Crucial Catch,” which supports the ACS and champions any cancer awareness a team chooses.

This program continues into the 2018 season. For three weeks in October, NFL teams will hit the field and make their support known. While many continue to “Think Pink,” others have chosen cancers that hit home with players and their families – prostate, colorectal, skin, brain and more.

Like Think Pink, A Crucial Catch will maintain a heavy emphasis on education and screenings, both essential in early detection, prevention and survival. The new campaign includes a mobile messaging component which pushes personalized tips to fans and subscribers as well as merchandise, team-specific promotions and messaging from star players.

Though a major shift for fans used to seeing pink lining the field every October, this broadened support helps shine a much-needed light on the diverse cancers impacting millions of Americans. What’s more, in broadening the scope of the campaign, players have a unique opportunity to use their voice and their access to share personal stories, all in an effort to drive understanding, awareness and support.

From where we sit, this added attention couldn’t come soon enough – and we at ePromos are on board. We’re continuing to offer our Breast Cancer Awareness Collection, including popular apparel, merchandise and promotional items ideal for fundraising, events and, simply, saying “thanks” to loyal supporters and customers.

If your campaign is extending outside of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, or focused on other cancer awareness efforts, we can help customize products that sync with your goals and your messaging. From sunscreen with a skin cancer prevention tips to calendars that remind recipients to schedule screenings, there are plenty of ways to show your support and help educate your audience. And, as the NFL’s ongoing campaigns prove, education is the first step in the right direction.

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