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What Do Your Promotions Say About You?

This week’s Celebrity Apprentice featured a challenge from Buick, where the competitors were tasked with creating a “consumer focus event” to promote the Buick Verano. Buick executives made sure to give the teams a bit of advice regarding branding and positioning, letting them know that “We like a sense of humor, but it’s not beer advertising”, and “We’re all about changing consumer perceptions of this brand.”

The executives then proceeded to contradict everything they told the competitors by leaving them with logo stainless steel tumblers and imprinted jackets – safe, traditional items that do nothing to reinforce the goal of changing the Buick brand image, one that is associated with a conservative attitude and old people.

While there was nothing terribly wrong with these items (the jackets were from OGIO, and they DO make great stuff), you’d think that a company like Buick would be able to go out on a limb with their promotional swag. Their massive budget can certainly support some creative risk-taking, so why not try something novel and unique, or even design a custom promotional product from scratch? The point is that your choice of promotional products can say a lot about you. If you’re looking to change consumer perception of your brand and put your sense of humor on display, you’ll have to do a little better than custom tumblers.

So – what do YOUR promotional products say about YOU?


Piggyback Power: How Big Brands Can Help Your Brand

One of the best ways to increase the perceived value of a client gift is to choose a brand name business gift. When you imprint or embroider that gift with your company logo, you’re not only getting your brand noticed, but you’re also associating it with the goodwill generated by the brand name of the product you’re giving. The power of big brands can even go further than that: I was just reading a web marketer’s blog post about some OGIO bags he was planning to order. In his post, he remarked that his friend had seen them in the Firefox company store and “I am much happier buying them now knowing that Firefox decided to go with them.” In this case, they made a better promotional business gift not only because of the OGIO brand, but because Firefox had also used them as a promo. mozilla-ogio bag