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Take Branding Even Further With Personalization

Now that people are starting to head back to offices and other workplaces, we’re seeing new trends develop in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Call it “the new normal.” It’s an expansion of a longstanding practice of personalization, but this time it’s driven by a new sense of purpose.

In addition to taking these 5 actions to ready their workplaces, companies are getting creative about ways to encourage social distancing. Customer-oriented “#KeepThePen” initiatives are the new trend at doctors offices, banks and retail. Organizations are also finding ways to promote a healthier, safer workplace by ordering promotional products personalized with the names of their employees.

Give Them the Tools to Protect Themselves
This laser-engraved triple insulated bottle includes both an event logo and the recipients name.

Promotional products personalized with the names of each of your employees (in a addition to your company logo or a special message) reinforces the fact that that you value them as members of your team. Re-opening your business? Encourage them not to share by equipping them with personalized gifts to help reduce contact and minimize the spread of disease-causing viruses, bacteria, and other contaminants.

Although the value of sharing has been drummed into most of us since childhood, it’s time to shift that approach. Sharing isn’t caring anymore if it’s a way to potentially pass disease-causing particles from our pens or tumblers!

Personalized Products with Names and Logos

The new personalization trend goes far beyond writing implements, but a pen is a great starting point. Choose from a wide variety of pens that can be printed with your logo, an employee’s name, or both. Select ones with twist or click action, or molded rubber grips for added ergonomic comfort.

Our Leeman NYC Tuscany Custom Journal w/ Magnetic Closure
Our Leeman NYC
Tuscany Custom Journal
w/ Magnetic Closure

Consider ordering a blank notebook for a fresh start, too. Choose a classic, high-quality journal with cream pages and an attractive faux leather cover that can be embossed with each employee’s name. It’s a thoughtful touch that lets your valued workforce know how much you appreciate them and their contributions. Or consider a tumbler. Perfect for that mid-morning coffee or tea break, it adds a special touch of recognition and thoughtfulness when it’s also personalized for your workers. No matter what kind of personalization you add, it says to others “Hands off, please! This one’s mine.”

Our Leeman NYC
Gift Set

For a truly thoughtful “welcome back” statement, consider ordering a full personalized set of desktop supplies for each worker, including a cell phone case, coffee mug, or thermos. You can also add safety and protective items such as sanitizing wipes, face masks, or face shields, as well as items to keep your team connected and engaged at times when it’s safer to work from home. We’ll be happy to help you assemble your own gift collection that’s customized to your specific needs.

Prefer to purchase a set rather than a one-off item? Here’s one of our favorites. It’s perfect for the executive who frequently travels for work, this set includes items such as a water-resistant sleeve for a tablet, a soft-cover journal, a stainless steel and faux leather ballpoint executive pen, and a power bank charger.

Personalization Around the Office

You can also consider personalizing keepsake items for employees or clients.

Our Leeman NYC
Drinkware & Journal Ghirardelli Gift Set

For example, here’s a set that includes Ghirardelli® hot chocolate, a double-walled tumbler with plastic liner, a thermos, and a journal—all in their own portable faux leather bin which can be kept and used again and again, for even longer brand exposure.

Why It’s Important to Discourage Sharing

Public health officials have indicated that while direct or face-to-face infection seems to be the most prevalent way the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 is spread, it’s definitely also possible to catch it through fomites.

Fomites are simply objects, or items likely to become a source of infection. Pens, doorknobs, furniture, and even clothing can play this role. Essentially, any time an infection agent (like a viral particle) lands on a surface and doesn’t immediately die or become ineffective, it can potentially be a source of further infection. Then when someone else touches that doorknob or pen, the viral particles can transfer to that person’s hands. If that person touches their face, they risk becoming infected with the virus or other contaminant. This is why one of the best practices for slowing the spread of sickness is to wash our hands often, or, when we can’t, to sanitize.

There’s some uncertainty about how long the novel coronavirus can last on specific materials and surfaces—some, like plastic, have been shown in studies to retain virus particles for up to 3-7 days. While the risk of transmission via surfaces is certainly lower, it makes sense to take precautions and institute new practices that continue to promote health.

Thinking of the ways you can help ease the transition for your employees who are returning to a physical or hybrid workspace this season? Get in touch with our team of Promo Know-How People to discuss personalized products and personal-protective safety items for your organization.


The Power of Personalization

One of the biggest benefits of promotional products is the incredible opportunity for personalization. Every marketer wants to be able to fine-tune their message for targeted audiences, and custom logo merchandise lets you do exactly that. A personalized marketing message speaks directly to your client, while “one size fits all” messages are easily ignored.

Personalizing your message starts with product selection, but it doesn’t end there. For example, you can fine-tune your execution and delivery by including your customers’ names directly on the product. Items that are personalized to this extent are unique, memorable, and more likely to be kept and used for a long time.

Mike Linderman, former chairman of the Promotional Products Association International, put it very simply when he said: “People like seeing their own name above all else.”

Personalization is even more important when giving business gifts during the holiday season, a gesture that should never come across as impersonal or forced. Keep this lesson in mind as you shop for holiday business gifts this year!