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Why Brands Are Customizing Plush

Plush animals have a way of wrangling their way into your heart—and never leaving. Let’s all take a moment to reflect on that childhood teddy bear (okay, maybe yours was a dog, an elephant, a koala, etc.) that safeguarded you from bad dreams and hurt feelings by simply being the most adorable, lovable, squishy friend you could ever have. Plush animals provide comfort; something we could all use right about now. In this piece, we’ll discuss why customized plush animals make a terrific promotional gift from your brand—for kids aged zero to 100.

Why Your Brand Should Use Promotional Plush Animals 

Plush Animals Are Universally Loved

There aren’t many promotional gifts that work for all ages as well as plush animals do. A child will be delighted; an adult will appreciate the customization of it (team/company logo/colors that make it mean more)—and hey, they can always pass it on to a child in their life. But, don’t assume adults won’t keep a plush for themselves—84% of men and 77% of women own at least one stuffed animal. And since all plush products are CPSIA compliant for children ages 0 and up, you can rest assured whomever will be doing the snuggling won’t have to worry.

Plush Animals Are High Quality

A plush animal is a higher quality gift, especially when you consider price points. You can find many at only a few dollars apiece, yet they’re wonderfully durable. They can’t break and are easy and cost-effective to mail. Frankly, it’s pretty darn hard to break one, like this high quality knit plush teddy bear. Additionally, plush animals are long-lasting. People may keep them for years and they’re as cute on day one as on day 1,000.

Plush Animals Prominently Display Your Logo

When looking for an item that clearly displays your logo, plush animals are the way to go. For starters, if an animal is part of your brand, it’s wonderfully complementary (and potentially a literal symbol of your industry); for example, a dairy company opting for a plush cow. Some of our most popular choices include:

Further, your brand/logo can be customized on any number of accessories on the plush animal, like a tiny cap, t-shirt, bandana, and more. You can also fully customize the colors used to match your brand’s artwork.

Fun fact

 “Teddy Bear” was named after President Theodore Roosevelt. During a hunt he came across a defenseless black bear. He refused to kill the animal. The story was heard by a toy maker who decided to make a stuffed bear and call it “Teddy Bear”. An extra fun fact is that Roosevelt didn’t like being called Teddy at all.

Uses for Promotional Plush Animals

Plush animals are a fun way to (literally) show your brand’s softer side. They’re perfect for any number of celebrations and events. A few ideas below…


Gifting a customized plush animal as a holiday gift is a playful touch for clients and employees alike. In particular, Valentine’s Day and Christmas are especially good holidays to gift a plush animal as they are more tender celebrations. To really spruce up your holiday gift and leave a lasting impression, consider pairing a plush animal with some custom chocolates—a totally sweet pair.

Trade Shows

A custom plush will stand out at a trade show as a unique giveaway, which is what all brands seek at these events. Another bonus of gifting plush animals at trade shows is they typically require some level of travel for participants, meaning parents have to leave their kids for a few days. Gift a plush toy that they can bring home to their children (and serve as a reminder of your brand). Even for adults without kids, plush animals can be a thoughtful gift. They’ve been linked as a stress reducer when traveling. In fact, 1 in 4 men are said to travel with a stuffed animal.

Corporate Gifts

Looking to spread some internal brand love and spirit? Consider gifting a plush animal as a corporate gift to employees. This could be to welcome new hires, commemorate a certain number of years with the company, or to celebrate the team hitting a landmark number, like all-time-high year-end sales. A cute plush animal is a great way to boast morale, not to mention to spruce up any workspace.

Charities and Tournaments

If your brand is involved in any sort of friendly competition or tournament, often to raise money for a charity or other good cause, consider having plush animals made to commemorate the fun day. This is an especially great gift if the event is family-friendly, as you’ll have a gift that will appeal to all ages. Throughout the year it will serve as a reminder of the fun day. If it’s an annual event, the plush animal can change each year to become a collectible for employees. If it’s a bigger event, consider including a plush animal in any gift or sponsored prize basket.


Should your business find itself working in a hospital or other medical setting, consider gifting plush animals. They can be wonderfully uplifting gifts for children in the hospital, who need comfort and some joy more than ever. A cute plush animal is the perfect gift—and it’s also practical and appropriate in a hospital setting. Check out these cuddlers, which are plush animals with a soft blanket attached. Not only are they adorable, but they will help keep patients warm and cozy in cold hospital rooms.

Custom plush animals are a fun, lighthearted promotional gift for clients and employees alike—and, as mentioned throughout, perfect for folks of all ages. While quarantining during COVID-19, teddy bears were seen as part of the “Teddy Bear Hunt” trend, where kids would mimic the famous storybook by Michael Rosen, “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt” around their neighborhoods.

And If You’re Looking to Give Back

The “Hey Buddy™ Bear” was created in memory of Francis “Fran” Ford, Jr. The Hey Buddy Bear was designed with hearts on its paws and a “Hey Buddy” imprinted t-shirt (which comes in almost every possible color). A portion of the proceeds from the sales of the Hey Buddy Bear go to the Promotional Productions Education Foundation, a scholarship fund available to promotional products employees and their children. 

With tons of different choices and total customization available, ePromos is ready to get to work on your plush animals. Scroll through our website, give us a call or email, or check out our live-chat feature right on our homepage. Our dedicated representatives are ready to walk you through each step of the process to ensure you have a smooth and happy experience ordering your next batch of customized plush animals from ePromos.