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Multi-Function Promotional Products

How many different uses and benefits can you pack into a single promotional product?

I’ve seen some clever multi-function promos in the past, but this unique 5-in-1 promo from New Belgium Brewery really impressed me.

When my waitress flopped this down on the table it just looked like a regular old promotional drink coaster. Upon closer inspection, I realized that it was more than that:

1. It’s a fully functional postcard.
2. It’s an eco-friendly statement (printed on 100% recycled paper).
3. It’s a cool collector’s piece for fans of the brew. Notice the quality artwork.
4. It’s an advertisement for one of the brewery’s social media contests.
5. It’s a good beer coaster. Something about the recycled paper makes it more absorbent.

5 in 1! It’s like the Swiss Army Knife of promotional products!

Have you seen a good multi-function promo lately? Can it top the New Belgium brew coaster? Share your story in the comments or send an e-mail to blog@epromos.com!

promotional postcard

(front – cool artwork)
promotional postcard
(back – postcard/contest ad)