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ePromos Has A Face … And It’s Awesome

(This is a guest post from Hope Binegar, ePromos’ Senior Supplier Relations Manager.)

In my 16 years in the promotional products industry, I have worked for all different types of companies. One was a very large traditional distributor, another was a very large not-so-traditional distributor, another was a mom and pop, and I’ve even worked for a well-known supplier.

I treasure my time at each of these companies. The knowledge I gained at each helped me become the professional I am now: Senior Supplier Relations Manager at ePromos, an online distributor.

Am I proud of my title? No. Trust me, I don’t take myself too seriously. What I am proud to say is, “My name is Hope Binegar and I work for an online promotional products company!”

You are probably chuckling at this point. Why would I need to make such a declaration?

Social media has made it easier to see people’s opinions on the promo industry, and online companies always get clobbered. I just read a story about an industry professional tracking down a package for a customer. It ends with all caps … “AND THIS IS WHY WE’RE BETTER THAN A FACELESS PROMO WEBSITE.”

Whoa. I have to tell you that we are a great company that’s far from faceless. We have a team that loves and cares for its customers just as much as a traditional distributor.

Our reps go to the mat for our clients. Consider these examples: Getting a $25,000 order sent to nine locations on the same day, redirecting UPS deliveries to make in-hands dates, staying up late quoting and finding just the right items, resolving any quality issues (I had them as a traditional distributor as well as online.)

No, I promise you we are not faceless. We are ePromos, and we are not just a phenomenal company, we are a team of great Brand Consultants and promotional products experts who love our clients and fight for their needs.

ePromos St. Cloud team

They all make me very proud to be a part of the ePromos team.



Republic Records Does Promos Right

It’s always exciting to see great promos out in the world. Republic Records caught our attention recently with its cool promo items: custom beanies and custom golf bags.

The beanie is effortlessly cool with a waffle-knit design and the Republic Records logo as a bold patch on the front. Beanies, skull caps, knit caps – whatever you want to call them – are an instant way to punch up your style.

They’re a great fit for the brand, too. Republic Records, the flagship record label of Universal Music Group, focuses primarily on mainstream and urban music. It needs promo items that resonate with people who listen to these genres. Custom beanies are perfect.

So are the custom golf bags the brand also includes in its promotional gift lineup. Republic Records added its logo to Burton golf bags, associating its brand with a great name in golf.

The bags are lightweight and stylish, making them instant favorites among golfers. When they head to the links, the Republic Records logo gets seen.

These promos work so well because they’re true to the Republic Records brand. They fit seamlessly into people’s lifestyles – just like the music that the label represents.

See for yourself:

custom golf bag

custom beanie


















Top 10 Tech Promos Customers Will Love

There’s never been a better time to give tech promos. There are officially more tech devices than people in the United States: 425 million gadgets in homes, according to the NPD Group.

People love their technology, and smart marketers are using it to their benefit. Tech promotional products aren’t just useful gifts—they’re a way to integrate your brand into customers’ lifestyles.

Think about it: We live in a digital world. People are always connected. Tech products and accessories bring real value to your customers. These are items they will actually use—not toss in the garbage or stow away in a desk drawer.

The result is increased brand exposure, and your business comes away looking modern, tech-savvy and just plain cool.

Here are 10 awesome tech promos to power up your marketing now:

promotional flash drive1. Useful to virtually everyone, the Colorful Flip-Open Promotional Flash Memory Drive is a tech-savvy way to keep your logo visible. Pick from a multitude of memory sizes and colors.






promotional stylus companion2. Create a buzz (and stay on budget) with the Stylus Companion With Promotional Ballpoint Pen—it’s around a buck.










promotional iphone and tablet stand3. Tech connoisseurs will love the Promotional iPhone And Tablet Stand. It holds both tablets and smartphones, and features your logo as a sizeable imprint on the back.









promotional screen cleaning cloth

4. The Galaxy Promotional Screen Cleaning Cloth is colorful and perpetually useful, wiping away smudges from tech devices, sunglasses and more.









silicone custom speaker

5. The unique horn design of the Party Pal Silicone Custom Speaker amplifies sounds without the need for external power. It’s compatible with the iPhone 3, 4 and 5.









custom ear bud splitter

6. Doubly useful, the Ear Bud Splitter/Custom Cell Phone Holder is a resting spot for cell phones and tablets, and when you remove the suction cup, you can plug in two sets of ear buds.









mega promotional headphones7. Any traveler, exerciser or cubicle dweller will get some major mileage out of the Mega Promotional Headphones. They reduce distractions and let users listen comfortably (they’re designed with cushioned ear pads and an adjustable base).








custom cell phone holder8. An affordable tech gift, the Anti-Slip Custom Cell Phone Holder features a silicone mat to keep a phone or other tech device always handy.









ballpoint promotional pen combo

9. Keep your brand at customers’ fingertips with the Curvaceous Ballpoint Custom Stylus Pen Combo. It’s a twist-action pen and a stylus in one convenient item.









logo earbuds

10. Logo Earbuds In Travel Case are a fun tech giveaway. Customers will enjoy switching the earbud covers between blue, pink and white, and your logo gets seen every time as an imprint on the protective case.









Need Affordable Promo Items (That Are Actually Cool)?

So, you have a limited marketing budget. That doesn’t mean you can’t go big with your promotional campaigns. You can have a huge impact simply by using low-cost promotional products with a little zing.

We’ve made it easy to stretch your marketing buck with budget promos that have some panache. You know—something a little different than the typical tradeshow giveaway.

You can shop our Best Buys for affordable promo items that fit your budget, whether you need promos under $1, under $3, or under $5. Here’s a sneak peek from ePromos’ 2013 Best Buys eCatalog.

Under $1

custom stylus penThis tech item is budget-friendly and doubly useful: It’s a twist-action pen and stylus in one cool promotional pen.







promotional cord wrap

Cordman is cute, low-cost, and appealing to almost every target audience. Your logo gets spotted every time ear buds come out.







Under $3

custom cosmetic bagThis promotional cosmetic bag has the look of patent leather, but it’s easy on your budget. Pick from classic white or black, or an array of bright shades. This promo goes great when paired with the compact mirrors.







custom flashlightsMetallic silver accents and vibrant colors give these custom LED flashlights a high-end look—but without the added cost.







Under $5

promotional briefcaseIf you’re looking for a bold corporate giveaway for less than five bucks, this is it. It has all the features of a more expensive bag: adjustable shoulder strap, pen loop and D ring for keys.






custom sport bottlesAluminum tumblers on a budget? You bet. The vibrant colors of these promotional sports bottles are the perfect background for your logo, and a flip-top lid is a handy design element.







When you have to make your marketing dollar go further, affordable promo items are just the way to get increased brand awareness without blowing the budget. And remember: Inexpensive corporate promos don’t have to look and feel cheap. There are multitudes of stylish, creative options to promote your brand on a budget.

Give our Brand Consultants a call—they know how to build promotional packages that only look like a million bucks.




Fire Up A Promotion With Custom BBQ Gifts

custom BBQ giftsSeventy-one percent of all Americans own a grill, and 74 percent use their grill at least once a week, according to the 2012 Weber GrillWatch Survey. Are they using custom BBQ gifts featuring your company’s logo? They should be.

With the summer season upon us, you can bet grill masters will be out in full force, flipping those burgers and juicing up that chicken.

Come Memorial Day, an estimated 71 percent of grill owners will fire up their backyard grill for some flame-kissed fare, a 10-percent jump from last year.

“We continue to see a rise in the number of people grilling for nearly all major holidays, including Memorial Day, the Fourth of July (90 percent), Father’s Day (53 percent) and even birthdays (76 percent),” Brooke Jones, director of marketing for Weber-Stephen Products LLC, the world’s leading manufacturer of outdoor gas and charcoal grills and grilling accessories, said in a press release.

In honor of it being National BBQ Month, we polled our fans at www.facebook.com/epromos to find out your favorite grub for grilling. The results are in:

  • 50% love burgers
  • 29% choose steak
  • 14% prefer fish
  • 7% enjoy hot dogs

If you love grilling out, chances are your customers do, too. Equip them with promotional BBQ tools to enhance their grilling experience and to get your brand, logo and message out there.

Promo know-how tip: Now’s the time to give custom BBQ gifts—don’t wait until the end of summer. We have a full lineup of promotional BBQ accessories, from logoed aprons to custom grilling gift sets.


How the Pros Promo (Part One)

Ever wonder how the pros promo? Well, the Promotional Products Industry Association did a survey at TS2, the annual trade show for exhibit and event professionals to find out. Not surprisingly, 95% use promos and 72% find them ‘extremely effective’ or ‘effective’ at shows. Here’s how they used promos:

*Increase name recognition – used by 79 percent of respondents
*Increase booth traffic– used by 64 percent of respondents
*Generate goodwill – used by 37 percent of respondents
*Attract new customers – used by 35 percent of respondents
*Generate interest in products – used by 34 percent of respondents