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Jell-O Promotion Makes Super Bowl Defeat Sweet

To the victor go the spoils; to the loser go … Jell-O chocolate pudding cups. Starting tomorrow, 49ers fans will be consoled by truckloads of freebies from Jell-O Pudding. Surprise! Your spirits won’t be down for long, San Francisco.

Cups of the sweet stuff will be handed out at various spots around the city for the pudding drop promotion. Local 49ers fans can check the promotion’s site (FunThingsUp.com) to see the locations and times of the giveaways. Far-flung fans can download a coupon for a freebie.

To make it even sweeter, former 49ers star defensive back and Pro Football Hall of Famer, Ronnie Lott, will be handing out pudding cups.

“It’s a fine line and we don’t want to ever come across as rubbing it in,” Greg Gallagher, senior brand manager for Jell-O, told ESPN. “But it was a big accomplishment to get to this game and we want to give these fans a little something to look forward to.”

Clever marketing play, Jell-O. We like the lighthearted approach to losing the Super Bowl, and it’s a fun way to make the most of being the runner-up. When you lose some, you win some. Got your spoons San Francisco?


Promotional Coasters Help Beer Company Make Eco-Friendly Push

custom coaster

Beer and gardening: While they typically don’t go together, they mesh perfectly in Molson Canadian’s new promotion. The beer company is using plantable custom coasters to generate buzz for its Red Leaf Project, an effort to help beautify Canada.

Consumers can pick up specially marked boxes of the brew to snag a promotional coaster, which, when planted and nurtured, will grow into a stately Black Spruce.

This promotional product is a perfect fit for Molson, which is striving for a more sustainable image. The custom coasters along with logo imprinted glasses boast the company’s signature shades of red, white and blue, and they clearly state the mission of the promotion: To make Canada better, one beer at a time.

Cheers to that.

Promo know-how tip: Many promotional coasters, because of their slim design, are excellent for direct-mail campaigns.


Scented Promotion Draws Crowds To State Fair


For the past two weeks, the sweet scent of cotton candy has been wafting through the air in New York and New Jersey. It’s all part of a scent-centric promotion to attract people to State Fair Meadowlands, Jersey’s biggest family fair.

Trucks mounted with billboards bearing the scent of cotton candy have been cruising to malls and shopping centers to advertise the fair. The billboard’s fabric was saturated with the sweet smell, evoking happy memories from state fairs past.

Scent marketing is a clever strategy that can work for your company, too. When you use scented promotional items, they can influence a decision or trigger a memory with your customers. Scented promotional products can also remind your customers of happy times, helping forge an emotional connection with your brand.

State fair organizers were spot-on with this promotion because it struck a chord with fair-goers. The smell of cotton candy no doubt conjures images of ferris wheels and carnival games. It makes people want to attend, which was exactly the goal of this promotion.

The state fair ended last weekend, so the saccharine aroma is gone. Newark is back to smelling like it usually does.

Promo know-how tip: Scent is the most powerful of all the senses, so when you want customers and prospects to sniff out your company, turn to scented promotional products.


Sweeten A Promotion With Custom Candy

custom candyJune is the sweetest month of all: It’s National Candy Month. From custom jelly beans to logo chocolate, custom candy is a fun way to celebrate the occasion and satisfy your customers’ cravings for something sweet.

When you add your logo to custom candy, your customers can’t help but smile. People of all ages enjoy sweet treats, and since June is officially deemed National Candy Month, now’s a great time to serve up a saccharine promotion.

Whether you have dishes of custom candy around your business, you distribute custom candy at an event, or you mail your custom candy, your customers are sure to eat it up. In fact, the average American eats about 24 pounds of candy a year.

Here are some custom candy ideas to sweeten up your June promotions:

  1. Try a custom chocolate bar that’s shaped like an ice-cream bar for a fun novelty item. Your logo is printed on the stick, and the custom chocolate is wrapped in clear cello. Just choose dark, milk or white chocolate.
  2. Promotional cotton candy is a light, fluffy confection that’s sure to delight. It’s specially sealed with a lid that enables a long shelf life, so your logo lasts longer.
  3. Go gourmet with custom chocolate sunflower seeds. It’s an unexpected treat that gets attention for your logo. These custom sunflower seeds are offered in an array of vibrant hues, and you can even blend your own to match your corporate colors.
  4. Custom gummy bears are a kid favorite with grown-up appeal when they’re packaged in custom round tins with a full-color logo. Combine colors to best represent your corporate logo.
  5. Custom M&M’s are everyone’s favorite, and this confection is packed in a portable, snap-top case that’s customized with your full-color logo.
  6. Fill a custom candy dispenser with promotional jelly beans for a sweet way to promote your brand.
  7. Make your customers’ mouths water with swirl custom lollipops. These fruit-flavored pops are packaged individually in plastic and imprinted with your logo on the wrapper or the stick.

Promo know-how tip: Follow up the sugar rush with an icy custom bottled water or even a custom toothbrush to take home.


Fire Up A Promotion With Custom BBQ Gifts

custom BBQ giftsSeventy-one percent of all Americans own a grill, and 74 percent use their grill at least once a week, according to the 2012 Weber GrillWatch Survey. Are they using custom BBQ gifts featuring your company’s logo? They should be.

With the summer season upon us, you can bet grill masters will be out in full force, flipping those burgers and juicing up that chicken.

Come Memorial Day, an estimated 71 percent of grill owners will fire up their backyard grill for some flame-kissed fare, a 10-percent jump from last year.

“We continue to see a rise in the number of people grilling for nearly all major holidays, including Memorial Day, the Fourth of July (90 percent), Father’s Day (53 percent) and even birthdays (76 percent),” Brooke Jones, director of marketing for Weber-Stephen Products LLC, the world’s leading manufacturer of outdoor gas and charcoal grills and grilling accessories, said in a press release.

In honor of it being National BBQ Month, we polled our fans at www.facebook.com/epromos to find out your favorite grub for grilling. The results are in:

  • 50% love burgers
  • 29% choose steak
  • 14% prefer fish
  • 7% enjoy hot dogs

If you love grilling out, chances are your customers do, too. Equip them with promotional BBQ tools to enhance their grilling experience and to get your brand, logo and message out there.

Promo know-how tip: Now’s the time to give custom BBQ gifts—don’t wait until the end of summer. We have a full lineup of promotional BBQ accessories, from logoed aprons to custom grilling gift sets.


Free Apple T-shirts at OS X Leopard Launch

If you’re into Apple promos, particuarly Apple apparel, be sure to head to your local Apple store on Friday, where a special, all-night event will include free promotional t-shirts!

apple-leopard-free-t shirts